Trump favorite Kayleigh McEnany said 'people's man' Biden can win more middle-class votes than her ‘tycoon’ boss

Trump favorite Kayleigh McEnany said 'people's man' Biden can win more middle-class votes than her ‘tycoon’ boss
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President Donald Trump's favorite White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany described Democratic challenger Joe Biden as a "man of the people" who could possibly resonate with middle-class voters better than "tycoon" Trump in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. McEnany's comments from August 2015 were resurfaced by CNN's KFile on Monday, October 26. At the time, Biden was considering running for president, and McEnany told AM970 in New York that she thought Republicans could “run into a problem if it is Joe Biden and if it is maybe a Trump on the other side.”

"Because Joe Biden, one of the things he is remarkable at is really kind of being a man of the people and resonating with middle-class voters," she continued, adding that Biden's constant "gaffes — as much as we make fun of them — to a certain extent they make him look human,” and that “he’s likable.”

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When asked whether Biden or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be easier for Republicans to defeat in the 2016, the former political commentator went with the then-vice president. “I think at the end of the day, probably Joe, although if Trump is against Joe, I think the juxtaposition of kind of the man of the people and kind of this tycoon, is a problem," she said.  "Although Donald Trump's remarkably coming off as a man of the people despite being this wealthy business tycoon."

A week prior to her AM970 interview, McEnany called Biden “likable” to the middle-class during an appearance on Fox Business. Furthermore, she predicted that Biden would become the Democratic presidential nominee, but he chose not to run for the office in 2016. “When you have Joe Biden here who's funny and likable and can resonate with the middle-class, he really can speak to the average, everyday American, versus Hillary Clinton who's cold and somber," McEnany said. "Joe Biden is a human and people will resonate with that. I predict he will be the nominee.”

McEnany has become a sensation among right-wingers ever since her appointment as the president's press secretary in April this year, especially for her frequent stinging attacks on Trump's critics.

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Speaking to CNN, McEnany, however, said that since her praise of Biden, she has found out about his "profound personal corruption" and that he has now become "an empty vessel for the liberal elites and far left.” McEnany now uses her boss's rhetoric in slamming Biden, calling him a "sleepy" guy. Earlier this month, she tried tweeting a link to a bombshell New York Post story revealing controversial emails and photographs allegedly linked to Hunter Biden’s laptop. The Harvard University graduate has intensified her criticism of the former vice president as we inch closer to Election Day on November 3.

McEnany, on Sunday, October 25, shared a clip of Trump supporters at a Biden rally and claimed the Democratic presidential hopeful had very few supporters as compared to the incumbent. “AMAZING!! At JOE BIDEN’s ‘rally,’ President @realDonaldTrump’s supporters show up to start a counter-rally. Joe literally draws more Trump supporters than Joe supporters!!!” she tweeted.


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