Was Trump 'targeted' with poll nearing? Internet erupts with conspiracy theories as POTUS battles Covid-19

Was Trump 'targeted' with poll nearing? Internet erupts with conspiracy theories as POTUS battles Covid-19
President Donald Trump, Melania, Hope Hicks and Kimberly Guilfoyle (Getty Images)

The election is less than a month away but the pandemic has thrown majority of plans in the run up to the polls into uncertainty after President Donald Trump tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday, October 2. In this situation, several people are suggesting that Trump and his party members were "targetted" so that they contract the virus.

The conspiracy theory has started circulating online shortly after Trump announced that he tested positive for Covid-19. As Republicans and Trump supporters shed light into the matter, they realised that a number of people from the White House have already contracted the virus. Besides Trump and the first lady, Hope Hicks, a close adviser to the president who often traveled with him on the Air Force One and Marine One presidential aircraft, also tested positive for the virus on Thursday, October 1. The cases kept on growing in the White House with Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel, who has had frequent contact with Trump, declared that she too she tested positive for the virus.

A US Marine assigned to Trump's helicopter squadron tested positive in late July. The squadron transports Trump and other top officials from the White House aboard the Marine One helicopter. Tom Phillipson, the former acting chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, also contracted the virus in early June. He told the Wall Street Journal of his infection after recovering and leaving the White House in June end. Not just that, Kimberly Guilfoyle, senior adviser to the Trump campaign and Donald Trump Jr's girlfriend, also tested positive on July 3.

As cases rose in the White House, people started suspecting that Trump and his team could be "targetted" before the election. As journalist Pastor Mark wrote, "Is it possible that President @realDonaldTrump & his team was targeted for #COVID19?" While author Rodney Howard Browne wrote, "There is no doubt, @realDonaldTrump and his team were targeted. Remember this as we pray, the plans of the wicked will fail," and "The left were triggered by this tweet, however, prove me wrong. Go!"







Some replied to these theories. "Yup. They were targeted by the karma Gods. It's a bitch, ain't it?," wrote one. Another said: "WHAT it is called common sense wear a mask. This is not some conspiracy it’s called stupidity."





While some agreed with the theory. "I don’t doubt it. Isn’t it concerning that @POTUS, @FLOTUS, his iinner circle, and Republican Senators were all infected with the ChinaVirus 30 days before the election and weeks before the Senate SCOTUS Confirmation Hearings? Prayers for the First Family," commented one. Replying to Browne's tweet, one said, "Okay, minister. I'll 'prove you wrong'. Show me one plague from the Bible that was not sent by God to punish a wicked leader. One. Plagues against Egypt to punish Pharoah, plague against Israel to punish David, it's pretty consistent. If Trump was targeted, it was by God."





Another questioned the theory. "I think when you throw out moronic, dangerous statements perhaps the onus should be on you to prove yourself right. Targeted by who? He is surrounded by HIS people, no masks, no social distancing, rallies, events, etc. One infected person is all it takes. This isn't complicated."  While another commented, "That's the ONLY explanation that makes sense & what I've been thinking since the first announcement. Of COURSE they were targeted. He hasn't gotten it since January, now a month before election? Of course it was an intentional act!"




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