'Preacher' season 4 episode 5 preview: Expect quite a few reunions in 'Bleak City' including Tulip and Cassidy

After spending four episodes apart, Tulip finally makes her way to Cassidy with Jesus in tow while Eugene finally catches up to his Preacher as Herr Starr prepares for the Apocalypse

                            'Preacher' season 4 episode 5 preview: Expect quite a few reunions in 'Bleak City' including Tulip and Cassidy

'Bleak City' is set to air on Sunday at 10 pm on AMC. It is the fifth installment of Preacher's fourth and final season. At the end of last week's episode 'Search and Rescue', we saw Cassidy fly out of Masada's dungeon with his cellmate, the Archangel. The angel has been his too-talkative friend and confidante since the season premiere.

The first-look pictures and trailer released by AMC show that Tulip and Cassidy finally reunite at, where else, Kamal's Holy Bar and Grail, the de facto rebel base for the Preacher gang in the Middle East.

Jesus seems to have tagged along with Tulip. If Tulip has it her way they will be taking off and hitting a bank for some cash in a good old fashioned heist. In the trailer, Jesus points a gun and promises that "guts will be painted on the wall" if anyone moves. The question is, will Cassidy be joining them? 



In 'Search and Rescue' Jesse had reached Australia but the episode's trailer shows that trouble is still following him around. Eugene and the Saint finally catch up to Jesse, only for Eugene to scream, "Go!" so that Jesse can escape. The Saint is probably not going to be happy about that.

Meanwhile, Featherstone seems to escape Herr Starr's wrath and new Hoover's bullet by jumping out of the window. She seems to like diving from high places these days. Pictures from 'Bleak City' also see Hitler pouring over some documents with Herr Starr. Don't they look like studious little boys?

Herr Starr and Hitler go over a document. (AMC)

Meanwhile, Cassidy seems to be preparing for some time in the sun in the oddest collection of outerwear on the planet, while Kamal and the Archangel bond at the bar. 

Cassidy prepares to meet the sun in 'Preacher'

Starr struggles to keep track of the many players of the apocalypse as the Grail's agenda threatens to unwind.

The Archangel and Kamal in 'Bleak City' (AMC)

Tune in for 'Preacher's' fifth episode this season, 'Bleak City', on Sunday at 10 pm on AMC.  

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