'Preacher' Season 4 Episode 3 'Deviant' continues Jesse's adventures from 'Last Supper' as he lets his fist do the talking

The third episode of 'Preacher's fourth and final season is set to air on August 11 and the advance trailers promise a lot of action.

                            'Preacher' Season 4 Episode 3 'Deviant' continues Jesse's adventures from 'Last Supper' as he lets his fist do the talking

'Preacher's' two-part opener has already teased some elements that will feature prominently in Episode 3 of Preacher's final season. In Episode 2 'Last Supper', Jesse's trek through the Middle East to get to the airport ended up in some interesting encounters. He is mugged by a child who takes his wallet and boots. He also forgets his lighter in the truck of a racist, ex-porn star which he then has to trek back to get. He finds the truck and the lighter on the premises of Jesus de Sade's House of Entertainment, a brothel, where he spots a child in danger.

While 'Last Supper' skips over what happens when he goes in to reluctantly rescue the kid, the trailer for Episode 3 'Deviant' reveals that Jesse talks with his fists when he meets Jesus DeSade.  Unfortunately, Cassidy's torture doesn't seem to be ending in Episode 3 even as Tulip O'Hare unleashes hell inside the Masada to free him. She had slipped in under Featherstone's nose into the guarded citadel in Episode 2. But Featherstone, playing detective, is onto her quick enough. 


Meanwhile, those who missed the blink-and-miss appearance of Eugene and The Saint in Preacher's launch episodes can look forward to more screen time if this sneak peek is anything to go by. Given The Saint's slow, deliberate march to catch Jesse, expect a lot more bonding time between these two misfits who don't fit into the rebel camp of Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy or Herr Starr's fascist The Grail organization that now also has God on their side. Here's hoping we will get to know more in Episode 3 about God's 'not-so-divine' Divine plan for the Apocalypse 2020 that connects to Jesse's visions about the world going down in flames.   


Going by the Preacher trailer for Season 4 that dropped at the San Diego Comic Con, you can expect Hitler to team up with Herr Starr too, though there seems to be some coercion involved. Also, expect the Messianic appearance of a new-and-improved Humperdoo, courtesy Hitler's training regime. Yup, the end of the world is nearer than you think. 'Deviant' will air on Sunday, August 11 on AMC.

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