Preacher season 3 episode 8 review: The Devil gets his dues in 'The Tom/Brady'

At the end of the episode - that ironically closes with the words 'Bus Stop' - the Angel of Death gathers the Saint of Killers, Hilter, Featherstone, and Arseface in one frame.

                            Preacher season 3 episode 8 review: The Devil gets his dues in 'The Tom/Brady'

The preacher is neck-deep in all sorts of trouble. But let's get to that in a bit. 

An assortment of some of the finest miscreants are headed on a highway to hell in season 3 episode 8 - titled 'The Tom/Brady' - of the AMC supernatural comedy. The scene, lasting only a few seconds at the very end of the episode, not only brings together a cherry-picked bunch of rogues but also introduces one of the many cliffhangers of the season - Lara Featherstone (confused as none other than Tulip O' Hare by Stana's agent), whose fate now hangs by the balance.

By the end of the episode - that ironically closes with the words "Bus Stop" flashing across the screen - the Angel of Death, in a rare moment, gathers the Saint of Killers, Hilter, Featherstone (who is being mistaken for Tulip), and Arseface, all in the same frame. One can only make an educated guess as to where this troop of characters could be going next (perhaps a story for another episode). 

As for now, the 'Preacher' has decided to shine the spotlight on our very own Jesse Custer and his time at the Grail headquarter. Prior to this fateful meeting with the grotesque and abominable head of the Grail, Allfather D'Aronique (starring Jonny Coyne), the dark comedy had dropped plenty of hints that something is cooking between Jesse and Herr Starr, the loyal and most efficient operative in the system. The idea was for Jesse to take down Allfather and in return, draw favors from Starr. Although the ramifications of the duo's devious plan did not come to a full circle in this week's episode, the stage has been set for a final showdown. Meaning - something's brewing and it's just a matter of time before the preacher confronts Allfather.

In a science defies religion moment, in the meantime, the Allfather reveals the true intentions behind the abduction of Jesse - To get the "Genesis" (an offspring of an angel and a devil) out of him and into a prototype messiah. Bloodshed and outright savagery is nothing new for this AMC show, and yet, each time the heights of chaos achieved (as part of the narrative) it is kind of a pleasant surprise that fans have become used to expecting from the series. 

Mimicking what would look like a modern blood transfusion process, an apparatus is set up, Jesse is strapped to (well, a coffin) and thus begins the process of extracting "Genesis" out of its chosen host. Given the unrivaled power "Genesis" offers to its host, it comes as no surprise that the first attempt turns into one heck of a massacre with blood and guts just blowing up, all over the glass chamber. 

After a few trials, though, a successful method for transferring the "Genesis" from Jesse's body to another is finally hatched with the aid of a genetic supplement called "The Tom/Brady", also the most clever pun that writers slipped in the plot for the eagle-eyed viewers. What the DNA concoction of tennis champ Serena Williams and Louis XVI couldn't achieve, is managed by that of Thomas Jefferson and Wayne Brady - once again an allusion to pop culture icons, easter eggs that fans have come to enjoy.

Apart from the hullabaloo of the "Genesis" extraction and the enforced camaraderie between Jesse and Starr during this entire process, the scenes with the Allfather have reinforced our love for the preacher. He has never been surer of himself. Even in the face of loss and brutality, Jesse appears confident, ready for greater fights, even if that means taking down the head of Grail himself. 

His evolving friendship with Starr, though, at times alludes to his chemistry with Cassidy, the fan-favorite junkie vampire who has almost been shunned to redundancy in the third season of the 'Preacher'. While Jesse is doing all important things, confronting the Allfather, and Tulip is stealing souls in Osaka, Cassidy's storyline, just like his character is almost shrouded by a bunch of overlapping and confused narrative. 

Stuck in a complicated situation with fellow vampire Eccarius, both romantically and otherwise, Cassidy is clearing getting sucked into the spiral of “Les Enfants du Sang,” (a cult of vampire wannabes which recently inducted none other than Hoover into the team). We need Cassidy out of New Orleans and we need him back in action, not running around, following the trails of Eccarius and converting interested candidates. 

With just two episodes left until the season premiere, hopefully, Sam Catlin, Evan Goldberg, and Seth Rogen are listening and paying attention to the narrative of Cassidy and how he has been distanced from the action. Linked closely to the future of the Irish vampire, however, is the fate of Tulip, who for a lack of a better mission is, at present, grouped with her adversary - Featherstone. 

This brings us to the cliffhanger (jump to top) that we were talking about. Tulip might have mistakenly sealed the fate of Featherstone and along with her, that of Jesse as well, when she sent the Angel of Death after the Grail operative. If indeed the bus to hell arrives in time, there might be no other way to reclaim that suitcase full of information on the souls - vital to freeing Jesse from the clutches of Gran'ma. 

Up until now, Marie L'Angelle was just making deals with her grandson and the Grail operatives in exchange for some souls. However, her interaction with the devil himself, in the recent episode is proof that us, mere mortals, are yet to realize the true potential of the powers of this dark magic priestess.

If season 2 suffered from the lack of a strong and defined villainy, season 3 is facing the exact opposite issue. There are too many villains - Gran'ma, Allfather, Eccarius, and the Satan - and they are all impactful in their own ways. And as the season finale approaches, it will all depend on how the narrative is built-up for Jesse and gang to regroup and take one for the team. 

Until then all eyes are on the penultimate episode, "Schwanzkopf".

What lies in store for the Preacher next?

'Preacher' will be back with episode 9 titled 'Schwanzkopf' next Sunday, August 19. With the finale just an episode away, next week will undoubtedly be a jam-packed one. "Divided and trapped, Tulip, Jesse and Cassidy battle old friends, new enemies and loved ones to escape certain death - or worse."