Will The CW's 'Powerpuff Girls' live-action series be as good as the cartoon? Fans say 'childhood is ruined'

'Powerpuff Girls' are all grown up in the live-action series, but will they still want to fight crime and will fans accept their new avatar?

                            Will The CW's 'Powerpuff Girls' live-action series be as good as the cartoon?  Fans say 'childhood is ruined'
The Powerpuff Girls are returning in a live-action format on The CW (Getty Images)

We all know that for many child stars, missing out on a normal childhood is one of the pitfalls of fame. Seems like that applies to the animated world too. A ‘Powerpuff Girls’ live-action series has been picked up by The CW, which has given a pilot order for the series. The Cartoon Network series created by Craig McCracken will now see the ‘Powerpuff Girls’ as disillusioned 20 somethings who resent having given up their childhood to fighting crime.

It seems that the 'Powerpuff Girls' aren't the only ones feeling resentful. Fan reactions have ranged from "they can keep it" to "watch them do a Riverdale crossover eventually" to the more poignant " Please stop dark imaginings of childhood stories". 


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As soon as news surfaced that The CW has given a pilot order for the series fans didn't take kindly to the possibility of their childhood memories being tarnished. One user said, "Please. Please stop this. Please stop dark reimaginings of Childhood stories."


Another user said "god first winx and now this…why does every cartoon have to have a dark gritty live-action reboot. Another irate user asked " Why are we trying to turn absolutely everything from our childhood into 'Game of Thrones'.






It's not surprising that the show invokes such strong reactions, especially among the '90s kids. After all 'Powerpuff Girls' was a pop culture phenomenon that gave kids and adults alike their first glimpse of female empowerment. The animated series about three tiny superheroes created by their scientist father ran for six seasons and 78 episodes between 1998 and 2005. ‘The Powerpuff Girls Movie’ was released in 2002, while a reboot aired on Cartoon Network in 2016.

The big question with the live-action series now announced — will Blossom, Buttercup and Bubble reunite now that the world needs them more than ever? We think that’s a no-brainer but here are all the other questions you’d like answered about the ‘Powerpuff Girls' live-action series.

'Powerpuff Girls' (Amazon)

The ‘Powerpuff Girls’ live-action series was first announced as being in development in August 2020. ‘Powerpuff Girls’ is one of three pilots ordered by 'The CW' all of which are created by women and center around women. However 'The CW' has not announced a release date as yet for the ‘Powerpuff Girls’ live-action series.

In the ‘Powerpuff Girls’ live-action series, the three pint-sized superheroes will be challenged to come out of retirement from their lives as superheroes to save the world. Craig McCracken, the original creator of ‘Powerpuff Girls’, is not connected with the reboot.

In the face of several reservations from fans on the ‘Powerpuff Girls’ live-action series, here’s what McCracken had to say: “I’m curious to see what they do with it. The initial concept of 'Powerpuff Girls' was the idea that they were little kids being superheroes, so the fact that they’re making them grow up, that sort of changes that initial concept. But we’ll see what they do with it.”

Craig McCracken Original Creator 'Powerpuff Girls'  (Getty Images)

Fans however have not been as kind with several comments saying the new series has an angsty young adult tone not in keeping with characters who were supposed to be "sugar, spice and everything nice".

The show hails from writers and executive producers Heather Regnier (Veronica Mars) and Diablo Cody (Juno), with Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and David Madden executive producing via Berlanti Productions. Warner Bros Television will also produce.

'Powerpuff Girls' (Youtube)

The pilot episode of the ‘Powerpuff Girls’ live-action series will air on The CW.

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