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'Power Book II: Ghost' Episode 8 Spoilers: Will Monet finish Cane? She'll be 'Michael from Godfather', say fans

Monet's decision to give Tariq permission to kill her son 'in defense', while surprising, might be what saves her from Cane's revenge

This episode clearly proved that Monet likes Tariq as she says "I've got you" to Tariq and he says, "we got each other". Cane, on the other hand, is out in the cold with Monet being too angry to even see him. It is Diana instead who tells Cane that he is not welcome home anymore. However, it is a unilateral decision by Monet for now. We don't know yet what Lorenzo will think of this.

But as fans pointed out, Cane's decision to order a hit on Tariq was a bit of a last straw situation. In the end, Monet's loyalty to Tariq won over her blood ties with Cane. One fan commented, "So is monet @maryjblige going to pull a Michael from Godfather and eliminate Cane?? I think she has no choice at this point." 


When someone from Starz app asked the question if Monet was "going too far cutting off Cane?", a fan replied: "Absolutely Not. He went against the family more than once, he hit her, he didn’t actually try to connect with Tyriq [Tariq], he was mad that he was smart and Monet could trust him to get the job done. Him sending the GTG gang to kill 'Riq at Zeke’s basketball game put him in dangerous [position]."


While this might be true, Cane being cut off is essentially like a wounded animal. We already know he is not the sharpest tool in the shed and is driven by how Monet trusts Tariq over him. With anger fueling him, what is he capable of? Could he expose how Monet murdered the connect? Or could his anger lead him to be manipulated by someone who wants to get to Monet or Tariq?

In that sense, Monet's decision to give Tariq permission to kill her son "in defense", while surprising, might be what saves her from Cane's revenge. A tweet commenting on the situation said: "Riq done pissed Brayden off. Cane done pissed off Monet. Nobody wins when the family feuds", while another said: "Damn that’s blooded Monet could of at least told Cane herself. Now she created a[n] enemy that knows her best. Did Lorenzo agree to this?" Another was upset at the story arc for Cane and his feud with his family.



Fans of Cane's character were upset about the character's narrative arc and his estrangement from Monet and his family over Tariq. One fan said: "Cane is my baby daddy and imma stand 10 toes down behind him BUT BABY BOYYYYY you Back the family i no care about Tariq BUT ZEEK comeee on nah and letting the Opp liveeee this is to much", while another tweet remarked: "Cane is left alone after his family turned him into a hitta. I don't like that at all." Another user had an ominous reaction to what would go down. "Cane gone get himself killed!"




'Power Book II: Ghost' Episode 8 airs Sunday, December 20 from 8.00 pm ET on Starz. Watch the episode early on Starz app. The episode is available to stream right now on and the Starz app. Episodes drop early on Sunday morning/Saturday night December 20 at 12.01 am ET on the Starz app.