'Power Book II: Ghost' Episode 7 Preview: Will Cane turn rogue with a little help from 2-Bit and Tommy?

Cane could go rogue and all his anger will be directed at Tariq, which means that he might be open to colluding with Tommy and 2-Bit to get the Tariq chess piece off his board

                            'Power Book II: Ghost' Episode 7 Preview: Will Cane turn rogue with a little help from 2-Bit and Tommy?
Cane and Lorenzo (Starz)

In the game of power, someone's uptime is usually someone's downtime. There one clear winner and one clear loser in Episode 6. 2-Bit strode out of jail a free man in civilian clothes and Ghost's gold Rolex. And he didn't have to snitch on Tommy Egan either. All he did was throw some vague shade at Tariq, which made Tasha tense up. 

But that slight shade on Tariq also made Saxe calm down after he was feeling betrayed by the fact that Davis had obviously gone behind his back to "tutor" 2-Bit. Saxe realized that Davis is the only one who could have helped 2-Bit frame his testimony in such a way that he could get out scot-free without revealing anything about Tommy's drug empire and make Tasha look good. 

2-Bit has no special sympathy towards Tariq and once he gets to Tommy in Calfornia, he will also know that Tariq killed Ghost. The return of Tommy Egan on 'Power Book II: Ghost' has been hinted at by showrunner Courtney Kemp. Once he does return, Tommy has a lot to be pissed about -- from Tariq killing "his brother", Ghost, and then, have Tasha pin the murder on him. 

So it won't be a surprise if he returns with 2-Bit to get his revenge on Tariq and Tasha. But the question is, how will he do that? And so, we come to this week's big loser -- the hot-headed, and dare we say, slightly psychotic, Cane. Both Monet and Lorenzo treat their eldest son like a loaded gun. They want the safety on at all times and shoot only when they want him to.

At the end of Episode 6, Cane got a brutal lesson about where he stands in the Tejada family. Both Diana and Dru tell him off, essentially telling him to mind his own business, before Monet tears into him for questioning her about getting into business with Tariq. 

DIana tells Cane she isn't sleeping with Tariq and that he should mind his own business (Starz)

Then, after his hare-brained 'punishment' of making Brayden and his brother Trace become "corner boys", slinging drugs on the street, he gets pulled over by Ramirez the cop -- who also gives Cane a talking to about why he is ruining it for everybody. Later, when he gets into an altercation with Monet about what he did to Brayden and his brother, he hits her. He is essentially tired of taking orders from Monet and runs to daddy aka Lorenzo for help. 

Lorenzo hugs Cane, calls him "my soldier" and then tells him that Monet is him on the outside, which means Cane has to listen to her. And just to get the message through, he gets a couple of cops to give him a brutal beat-down before telling Cane, "don't you ever hit my wife again". Cane looks up betrayed and bloody at the one man who he thought would be on his side. This sense of betrayal means that Cane could go rogue and all his anger will be directed at Tariq. He already thinks of Tariq as the interloper who has hooked Diana with his charm and is making the drug business riskier for the Tejada family by involving 'outsiders' like Brayden. He will now also blame Tariq for how he is now at odds with not just Monet and his siblings, but also Lorenzo.

This makes Cane the perfect rogue 'insider' that Tommy needs to get his vendetta on Tariq. Tommy can use Cane's isolation from the family to turn him and help him and 2-Bit get rid of Tariq -- something that Cane also wants to do. So Tariq might have heat coming at him from more directions than he can handle since both Saxe and Davis are also trying to get him for murder.

'Power Book II: Ghost' Episode 7 will air on Sunday, December 13, at 8 pm on Starz.

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