'Power Book II: Ghost' Episode 10 Season Finale Spoilers: Could Riley's statement undo Saxe's entire case?

If Riley gets called to the stand, Saxe's entire case could get jeopardized if she says something she is not supposed to

                            'Power Book II: Ghost' Episode 10 Season Finale Spoilers: Could Riley's statement undo Saxe's entire case?
Shane Johnson as Cooper Saxe (Starz)

Prepare for some explosive moments in the court room in the season finale of 'Power Book II: Ghost'. Outside the courtroom, Riley Saxe-Merchant (Andrea Lee Christensen) is working extra to get Brayden Weston (Gianni Paolo) on her side and against Tariq St Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr). The criminal investigation is looming awfully large and Riley, for all her irritating, snooping ways, actually does care about Brayden. "He’ll say or do anything it takes to get whatever he wants," Riley says of Tariq to Brayden.

Tariq has also not exactly been straight with Brayden so he has every right to mistrust him. But by trying to get Brayden on her side, Riley might overplay her hand, revealing how far she has gone snooping on Tariq and why. She could end up telling him exactly all she has been up to, including drugging Tariq. Within the spin-offs script, Brayden is the Tommy to Tariq's Ghost. So we can expect a degree of loyalty from him. So he might end up telling Tariq what Cooper Saxe (Shane Johnson) has against him. 


At the end of Episode 9, Tariq seems to have finally wised up to the game Cooper and Davis MacLean (Method Man) are playing to get Tasha St Patrick (Naturi Naughton) go scot-free by pinning the murder on him. In episode nine, Cooper had summoned Tariq to take the stand at his mom’s trial, but Tariq has hired attorney Tameika Washington (Quincy Tyler Bernstine) to represent him in court now. He even told her in the final moments of the episode that he’s actually responsible for his father’s murder and that he wants to take the stand to clear his mother’s name.

In a scene from the courtroom, Cooper is looking at someone seated at the back with horror. This seems key to how events will unfold. Riley happens to appear to be the one seated at the back if you watch the trailer carefully. If Riley gets called to the stand, his entire case could get jeopardized if she says something she is not supposed to. 

What's more, Tariq could be 'saved' by what Brayden tells him about what Riley spills to him, information that he could then pass on to his lawyers. Tariq's smirk certainly seems to suggest that he isn't confessing to anything. So chances are that both he and his mother could secure their 'get-out-of-jail' cards because of the botched prosecution's case.

But Tommy Egan has not made his appearance yet, could he return in the final moments to kill Tariq with Tasha taking the bullet for him and dying in the episode's final moments? That would explain why MacLean says he never saw the case "ending" in this way. 

Finally, the Tejada family is a mess. Cane Tejada (Woody McClain) killed off the only helpful cop on the force -- Ramirez. Monet Stewart Tejada (Mary J Blige) is right when she says he is the problem. But Lorenzo Tejada (Berto Colon) thinks he is also the solution now that everything has fallen apart. Cane will do anything to be back in the family's fold because he is floundering, badly, without instructions to guide him. 

With Tariq "not in the clear with Monet", Tariq is backed against the wall. So the Tejadas will try to clean up their mess internally, which might see Cane back to being the Tejada family's blunt instrument. Zeke Cross (Daniel Bellomy) is finally realizing the consequences of his affair with Professor Carrie, who has now had an encounter with Monet. She knows what is at stake when she says she is going to 'fix' the mess on campus with the law enforcement but the question is, will she plan for the moves jealous Jabari Reynolds (Justin Marcel McManus) will make?

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