'Power Book II: Ghost' Mid-Season Finale Preview: Is Tariq's nightmare of turning into his father coming true?

'Power Book II: Ghost' Mid-Season Finale Preview:  Is Tariq's nightmare of turning into his father coming true?
'Power Book II: Ghost' (IMDb)

There's no such thing as peace on 'Power Book II: Ghost'. The mid-season finale is round the corner and tensions are soaring to astronomical highs. The title of Episode 5 is 'Gift Of The Magi' which is the title of the classic O'Henry story. The tale revolves around sacrificing something you love very much, for the person you love the most. Sacrifice resonates in 'Power Book II: Ghost', as Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr) is putting a lot at stake while trying to get his mother Tasha (Naturie Naughton) out of prison. She had taken the fall for him as he had been the one to kill his own father, Ghost. Sacrifice reverberates throughout the show, however, twisted, convoluted and strange the storylines get. It's unclear whether the title refers to Tariq's storyline or to the Tejada family. There's no synopsis yet but that's what we can guess. Will Tasha be rescued or will Tommy Egan, who Tasha had thrown under the bus, return? Or, will Tariq be caught? In the promos, Tasha tells Tariq that he is becoming the person he feared the most, his own father. 



Previously, Tariq has begun to strengthen his control on the drug play in campus and uses all his intelligence to insulate Monet (Mary Bilge) and his involvement. This is just a part of what he's really up to because on the other hand, he seems to be playing two women — Lauren and Diana. Meanwhile, the lawyers are at work and they would do whatever it takes to get Saxe off the Tasha case.


For most of the episode, Davis (Clifford Method Man) struggles to prove that Cooper Saxe has political motivations in the case, and is known to do the worst things including planting bugs on minors, to listen to their conversations. Saxe wants to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding Ghost's murder and has recruited his teenage bratty niece this time to know how Tariq is funding his lawyers, who don't seem to be entirely bothered about that possibility at the moment.  If you're interested, the Jabari-Carrie sexual drama has been an important storyline as well, for the past few episodes, for some reason.


Following the mid-season finale, the show will go on hiatus. 'Power Book II: Ghost' airs on StarZ, Sundays at 8 pm. 

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