'Power Book II: Ghost' Episode 8: Effie returns as another girl for Tariq, fans say he's 'just like his daddy'

Tariq has found himself in a love triangle, with Diana Lauren and now Effie. The question now is will they last?

                            'Power Book II: Ghost' Episode 8: Effie returns as another girl for Tariq, fans say he's 'just like his daddy'

Three women for Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr) — Effie, Lauren and Diana. Our anti-hero is almost as smooth as his father was. Let's hope he doesn't meet a similar end. In the latest episode of 'Power Book II: Ghost', Tariq finds himself entwined in Effie's zealous arms, though of course, she might have a game up her sleeve too. Who doesn't, on this show?

For the past few episodes, Tariq has been messing around with both Lauren and Diana but there's something different about him and Effie. Due to their history, he can be himself around her and can't exactly hide much. The question is will Tariq and Effie last? 

Fans have pointed out that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as Ghost had gotten himself into many such equations as well, Angela for example. A fan noted, "Riq running round with these chicks just like his daddy. #PowerGhost." Another tweeted, "Tariq and Effie can’t work honestly #PowerGhost," a fan wrote.




Effie is a "master manipulator" as many fans noted since she's now practically Tariq's business partner after letting Lauren know what's happening between the two of them. She's a lot like his own mother Tasha, who is just another expert in playing mind games. "Tariq on this series kissing all the girls in the same week. Then he finally got with someone like his Momma... lol like father like son! #PowerGhost," a fan tweeted.

Ghost's son, indeed. "Tariq got extorted, almost killed, saved, possibly lost 1 of his girls, got some p***y from another, betrayed his best friends trust and needed Tasha’s help to figure sh*t out. Damn that’s Ghost son fr #PowerGhost #PowerTV #PowerBook2," a fan said on all the things that Tariq went through in Episode 8. 





However, things are just about to get darker for Tariq, as from the Episode 9 promo, we can see Tommy Egan heading back to the show, ready to extract his pound of flesh from Tariq, for killing his best friend in the original series 'Power'. 2 Bit is not taking things lightly too and the season is heading to a power-packed finale. Davis and Saxe are still trying to put Tariq in jail and release Tasha while Jabari is busy stalking the nimble St Patrick heir. 

Tune into 'Power Book II: Ghost', which airs on Starz on Sundays at 8 pm.

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