Our lead protagonist, Tariq (Michael Rainey) is a murderer as he killed his father at the end of the 'Power' series. His mother Tasha (Naturie Naughton) has taken the fall for it and is currently in jail, but doesn't look like it she will be there for too long. Attorney Davis has finally decided to work with Saxe and against Tariq. Saxe heard Tariq rambling about murdering his father at the cemetery and that provided him with enough ammunition. He knows Tasha is innocent. Now how are they going to release her from jail?

Davis and Saxe found themselves what seemed like an ideal witness: Paz, Angela's sister. At the end of episode 7, Paz talks to Tasha, who tearfully tells her that she wants to be free and doesn't wish to be in jail anymore. There are two ways to look at this: Either Tasha is playing Paz and will get her framed or Tasha is planning to betray Tariq, because she's just too tired of jail food? The second option is unlikely, but there are a few fans who are inclined to think so.

"My prediction is that I think Tasha is going to snitch on Tariq honestly #PowerGhost," one wrote. Fans are sure that Tasha might do it, just to keep Tariq safe from others, who want to hunt him down. "Yep, I think Tasha will snitch on Tariq if she thinks it will keep him from being a target on the street. #PowerGhost #PowerTV #PowerBook2," a fan tweeted.





Fans are sure that Tasha will be Tariq's downfall. "Tasha was James downfall. And, she will also be her son’s downfall. She is not book smart nor is she street smart. Tasha shoulda learn from her husband from time!!!! #PowerGhost," one wrote. Some are sure that something is about to go down with Tasha soon. "Tasha is skating by in jail a little too drama-free; i feel like something is going to go down soon  @ghoststarz #PowerGhost @50cent," a fan wrote.






Well, things are about to take an interesting turn on 'Power Book II: Ghost'. Tune into StarZ, Sundays at 8 pm. 

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