'Power Book II: Ghost' Episode 6: Is Lorenzo really Cane's father? Fans think he is Kanan and Monet's lovechild

In the latest episode of 'Power Book II: Ghost', Lorenzo beats up Cane.

                            'Power Book II: Ghost' Episode 6: Is Lorenzo really Cane's father? Fans think he is Kanan and Monet's lovechild

After a hiatus of two months, 'Power Book II: Ghost' returned with its sixth episode, titled 'Good Vs Evil'. The title itself is a conundrum, as the show has proved time and time again that everyone has shades of grey. Our lead protagonist, Tariq (Michael Rainey) is a murderer, as he killed his father at the end of the 'Power' series. His mother Tasha (Naturie Naughton) has taken the fall for it and is currently in jail, but doesn't look like it would be for too long. Attorney Davis finally decided to work with Saxe, and against Tariq. Saxe heard Tariq rambling about murdering his father, and that provided him with enough ammunition. However, Davis seems to have an agenda of his own, and plays Saxe by the end of the sixth episode. 

But while these courtroom dramas continue, let's not forget the turmoil taking place in the Tejada household. In the latest episode, Monet and her savage son Cane come to blows, which leads to him almost being physically violent with her. Well, he gets his due from Lorenzo, who thrashes him and says to never attack his wife again.

There are a lot of questions that fans have, one of them being, is Cane REALLY Lorenzo's son?

"No way Cane is Lorenzo’s son man. There’s a reason why he’s savage and made out to be darker than the other two kids. My guess is that’s Kanan and Monet son from back in the day. #PowerGhost," a fan wrote.



Others say that Cane deserved it. "Lorenzo is a ruthless dude. A real bad guy lol ....I'm mad shook for what he did to Cane ...not that he didnt deserve it but like that tho?? #PowerGhost," a fan wrote.



Lorenzo doesn't know that his wife is sleeping with the cop, Ramirez. "Do Lorenzo know Monet is fucking Ramirez? #PowerGhost #PowerBook2 #PowerTV," a fan wrote. 



This could lead to more trouble for Lorenzo, some fans feel, as Cane might just build a better relationship with Ramirez. "It looks like Cane & the cop gonna start building a relationship. Lorenzo knows everything so do he know his wife cheating w/ a pig  #PowerGhost," a fan wrote.



'Power Book II: Ghost' airs on Sundays, StarZ, at 8pm. 


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