'Power Book II: Ghost' Episode 2: Is Carrie having sex with Jabari to avoid her feelings about Tariq?

Fans are rather confused with Carrie and Justin sleeping with each other in the latest episode of 'Power Book II: Ghost'.

                            'Power Book II: Ghost' Episode 2: Is Carrie having sex with Jabari to avoid her feelings about Tariq?
'Power Book II: Ghost' (StarZ)

It must be pretty difficult to sleep with someone if you have feelings for someone else....or might just be pretty easy, as it was for Carrie in 'Power Book II: Ghost'.

Apparently, Carrie and Jabari have a little thing going on and their conversations get a little too heated and intense. During one such conversation, they managed to have sex in Jabari's office. Later, Carrie reveals that she has feelings for him still, as she's realised that they clearly haven't moved on from each other.

However, fans seem to be in two minds about the couple, and most of them are clearly not as invested in them as the show would want them to be. Some fans are still rooting for Carrie and Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr), which to be fair has some merit.

"Does Carrie wanna sleep with Tariq? Damn she annoying #PowerBook2," a fan tweeted.



Another fan is certain that Carrie hasn't moved on from Justin and that their story is going to continue. "Carrie girl why would you get your ex a job where you work because you “thought “ you moved on? Sis you clearly not over him or the d*ck. #PowerBook2," one wrote.



They wouldn't make such a bad couple, if you think about it. "Ooooop. Carrie and Justin got something going on. I knew it. Their convos get wayyyy too heated. #PowerBook2," a fan wrote.



"Carrie is doing the most. She is going to push Tariq further away from her. #PowerTV #PowerGhost #PowerBook2," another wrote.



And, the episode reveals that Carrie is a love and sex addict too.

At this point fans are just musing on whether Carrie is being with Jabari to suppress her feelings for Tariq. Tariq, on the other hand, has other things to worry about, one of them being trying to get his mother Tasha out of prison for a crime that he committed.

The second episode built up to the funeral where Tariq received advice from everyone on what to say about his father and he decided to listen to no one and speak from the heart about the man that he killed. 

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