'Power Book II: Ghost' Episode 9: Will Tameika succeed in bringing Saxe down? Fans say she'll 'kick his a**'

Tameika has taken on Tariq's case in 'Power Book II: Ghost'

                            'Power Book II: Ghost' Episode 9: Will Tameika succeed in bringing Saxe down? Fans say she'll 'kick his a**'

This now is a classic case of when the games that we play, begin to play us. In the latest episode of 'Power Book II: Ghost', communication breaks down between Davis (Method Man) and Cooper Saxe (Shane Johnson), even though they try to convince each other that they're on the same side. Davis hasn't informed Paula Matarazzo (Sherri Saum)  that he's working with Saxe on the side and she is furious to find out later. 

Cooper promises Tasha (Naturie Naughton) an 'expert witness' and that's stripper Epiphany Turner (Brandi Denise Boyd). At the beginning of the episode, Cooper and Saxe go to her place and they're being followed. Later, Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr ) stumbles upon this grand deception as Epiphany reveals to him that his lawyer showed up at her place, in the hope that she will testify in favor of Tasha. Tariq realizes that Davis and Saxe are working together and even contemplates killing Epiphany, but money speaks volumes. So he offers the money that he owed Monet (Mary J Blige) and she gladly accepts.

Epiphany doesn't show up in court, creating much tension between Cooper and Saxe as they realize that they can't trust each other at all. Saxe promises to bring down Davis as well as Paula, who had informed Tasha about Epiphany. Davis tells Paula about the video recording Saxe has of Tariq, but she is done with Davis for good and storms out of the court. She tells Tariq everything and he turns to Tameika Washington (Quincy Tyler Bernstine). Twist: Tariq admits to killing Ghost. However, fans are sure that Tameika will unite with Paula for just one intention: To bring  Saxe down. Or...will Tariq go to jail?

"So Tariq Finally Admit That He Killed Ghost, Cane is the new Canon, Saxe is tryana f**k with Davis which I know Definitely Davis will return the shit, Monet is actually in deep shit, Paula and Tameika will definitely kick Saxe's ass Tariq will defend himself #PowerGhost #PowerTV," a fan tweeted.  "Tariq about to blow Saxe whole case and get off free. Tameika got him , a BLACK woman. This nun new #PowerGhost," another tweeted. "“Give me a dollar. I’m your attorney now” I LOVE TAMEIKA Saxe is finally about to get what he deserves #PowerBook2 #PowerTV #powerghost 








'Power Book II: Ghost' airs on StarZ, Sundays at 8 pm.  

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