'Pose' season 3: Trailer, release date, plot, cast, news and everything else about Ryan Murphy's ode to the LGBT community

The second season of 'Pose' focused on the era of Madonna's song 'Vogue' and how going mainstream affected the hitherto underground ball culture.

                            'Pose' season 3: Trailer, release date, plot, cast, news and everything else about Ryan Murphy's ode to the LGBT community

'Pose', the critically-acclaimed drama featuring over 150 LGBTQ+ cast and crew, got renewed with season 3  just one episode into season 2. The show has been making waves all over since its premiere in June 2018. Even as season 2 unfolds with weekly episodes of season 2, not much is known about season 3.

With a cast of transgender actors of color, the show has gotten the recognition it deserves with accolades, critical and audience reactions. Ryan Murphy led the creation of the show that has a lot of glamour and impact, but at the center of it all, is the grit of the LGBTQ+ community in the face of rejection, discrimination and an unknown plague.

Release date

Although an official release date is yet to be announced by FX, the fact that historically the show has premiered in June leads us to believe that season 3 also might get a June 2020 premiere.


Set in the 1980s underground ballroom culture, the show focuses on the plight of the LGBTQ+ community in the Reagan era. The drama revolves around several "houses" and house-mothers. The houses is where the "outcasts" of the society bond as family and aim on bagging trophies at the events called balls.

The participants are judged on their costumes, their Voguing skills and attitude. Going beyond the glitz and glamour of the balls, the series highlights other issues that affected the LGBTQ community in the 1980s, including the HIV/AIDS crisis.

The show's protagonist is Blanca, is the founder and mother of the 'House of Evangelista,' who is in stark opposition to her own mother Elektra Abundance's 'House of Abundance.' In season 1 finale we saw Blanca prove once and for all that she is a much better mother and benevolent human being than Elektra, even taking her in, during her downfall.

Season 2 took a time jump to 1990, where Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ is all the rage, and she sheds the limelight on the artform of Voguing, and the LGBT community hopes that they will finally be accepted by the world.

According to the show’s co-creator Ryan Murphy, Madonna’s Vogue "took something that was unknown in the culture and made it mainstream. And 'Pose' season 2 will be about the reaction of our characters to that moment where their community is suddenly put on display."


The show made history even before season one premiered as the series features the largest transgender cast ever for a scripted series with many of the lead roles being played by trans women. 

(L-R) MJ Rodriguez, Hailie Sahar, Dominique Jackson, Janet Mock, Angelica Ross, and Charlayne Woodard attend the FX 'Pose' Ball in Harlem on June 2, 2018 in New York City.

MJ Rodriguez plays Blanca while Dominique Jackson, known for her appearances on US reality show Strut, plays Elektra, Blanca's nemesis. Indya Moore, a transgender model who has appeared in ads for Dior and Gucci, plays Angel, a trans woman working as a sex worker; and Billy Porter plays Pray Tell, NYC balls emcee.

Evan Peters attends the 'American Animals' New York Premiere at Regal Union Square on May 29, 2018 in New York City.

Murphy's regular, Evan Peters plays Stan, a businessman who works at Trump Tower, while 'House of Cards' star Kate Mara plays Patty, Stan’s wife.

In season 2, Broadway legend Patti LuPone also joined the cast as a guest star. The 69-year-old actress portrays a transphobic business woman who is associated with Blanca.


Ryan Murphy — who has created, directed and produced over 50 TV hits and has emerged to become TV's first $300 million man after sealing the deal with the streaming network Netflix — is the co-creator of 'Pose' along with his best-known co-creator Brad Falchuk. The power duo has co-created the comedy-drama television series 'Glee', the horror-drama anthology series 'American Horror Story', and the horror comedy 'Scream Queens' prior to 'Pose.'


'Pose' producer Janet Mock called out the NAACP Image Awards after the show was snubbed on February 14.


Meanwhile, Billy Porter's tuxedo gown at the Oscars divided opinion with its gender fluid fashion statement.

Billy Porter attends the 91st Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood and Highland on February 24, 2019 in Hollywood, California.


The teaser for 'Pose' season 2 dropped on May 20, and it's black and white series, like the pictures, has MJ Rodriguez talk about being a "mother". Season 1 concluded with Rodriguez's character, Blanca, winning a house mother of the year award at the underground drag ballroom competition, making the House of Evangelista triumphant over all the other houses.

In the teaser, she says "being a mom is great", and the year '1990' flashes in the backdrop. The year voguing was made mainstream by Madonna with the song 'Vogue'. There's a short time jump from when the year the show ended, 1988. "These kids can always lean on me no matter what," says Blanca and we see a glimpse of Indya Moore, who plays Angel. "If they fall, they know I am always going to be there," says Blanca, voguing and strutting in white apparel and eyeliner. "Even if I am gone," she adds, standing by the window.



In season 1, Blanca was diagnosed with HIV and since it's the 1980s the show highlights the plaguing HIV and AIDS epidemic in the Reagan era. "My words are powerful and I hope I can live to tell the story," she adds as Billy Porter emcees the drag race as Pray Tell. "I want my legacy to be love," concludes Blanca, making fans worry about her fate in the coming season.

Ahead of Pose‘s season 2 premiere on June 11, FX  released a brand new trailer, highlighting how the main characters deal with the AIDS crisis during the 90s. 





FX released the first key art for the second season of Pose, featuring four key characters namely Angel, Blanca, Elektra and Pray Tell. Dressed in sophisticated and subtle black and white monochrome, the independent shots clubbed together heralds a royally powerful second season.

Indya Moore as Angel ((Pose FX/ Instagram)


MJ Rodriguez as Blanca (Pose FX/ Instagram)


Dominique Jackson as Elektra (Pose FX/ Instagram)


Billy Porter as Pray Tell (Pose FX/ Instagram)


Where to watch

The show will premiere on FX.

Season one recap

Season 1 witnessed the downfall of fiery Elektra Abundance and the rise of Blanca as she successfully established her 'House of Evangelista' as the ultimate winner on the ball scene. 

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