'Pose' season 2: Everything we know about the upcoming installment of Ryan Murphy's history-making drama

'Pose' was recently nominated for the GLAAD Awards and also for the Golden Globes, so, how far are we from season 2, coming out this year?

                            'Pose' season 2: Everything we know about the upcoming installment of Ryan Murphy's history-making drama

Ryan Murphy's 2018 'Pose' was quick to make headlines as soon as it debuted in July last year, thanks to the largest LGBT+ cast and crew ever on TV. The FX show slowly but definitely gained momentum as the series made history by bagging several Golden Globe nominations this year.

The show also made history when Janet Mock became the first trans black woman to direct a primetime drama. The eight-episode series was renewed for season 2 soon after season 1 was over, and the show, set in the backdrop of the 1980s ballroom culture and underground drag of New York, rose to critical acclaim.

Season 2 of the series is slated to premiere this year, but not much is known about the date and other specifics. However, as much as it is being kept under wraps, the growing fanbase is excited for details that are available.

So, here is what we know about season 2, so far.

1. Time jump


One of the first things disclosed about season 2 was that the series catches up after a time jump of about a year. The first season of the FX period drama ended in 1988, and the new season will jump ahead to 1989 and end in March 1990.

2. Here's why: Madonna

1990 is the year Madonna's 'Vogue' debuted. At a 2018 TCA summer press tour, Murphy, the co-creator of 'Pose' said: "I don't think that's what the show is about, but I always love to talk to Madonna. I don't know how she'd feel about playing 1990 Madonna." It's yet to be confirmed if the pop icon will appear on the show, if she does, can you imagine watching Madonna vogueing to "strike a pose"? It will be epic.

But Murphy was also clear about how the show has refrained from typical casting. “We haven’t tried to do too much of my typical stunt casting, and I don’t think we will… that’s not what the show is about,” he added. Whether Madonna makes a cameo or not, 'Pose' will still be raving. 

3. The plot

Once Madonna makes voguing a mainstream sellout, the show will feature the reaction of the characters.  According to Murphy, Madonna's 'Vogue', “took something that was unknown in the culture and made it mainstream," so season 2 will be about "the reaction of our characters to that moment, where their community… is suddenly put on display.”

4. Blanca's and Pray Tell's HIV diagnosis storyline will be taken forward

Blanca and Pray Tell
Blanca and Pray Tell

We've grown to love the characters so much, we are still in denial that 'Mother of the Year,' Blanca (Mj Rodriguez) and EmCee Pray Tell (Billy Porter) might be leaving us sooner or later. Season 2 could be the heartbreaking season we dread. On the same press tour, Murphy said: "I think it's something that's very difficult when you work on a show and you grow to love these characters and actors. But there's a responsibility to show the cold, hard truth. We will see that on our show."

"We want to be truthful about it, because it was a very dark, troubling time," he added. The second series will feature more of Blanca and Pray Tell's HIV journey and Sandra Bernhard will reprise her role as the nurse.

5. It may feature Larry Kramer

Larry Kramer attends 'An Act Of God' Broadway Opening Night on May 28, 2015 in New York City. (Source: Getty)
Larry Kramer attends 'An Act Of God' Broadway Opening Night on May 28, 2015 in New York City. (Source: Getty)

Co-creator of the show, Steven Canals hinted Larry Kramer may be featured since it was "around that period when we saw [playwright and activist] Larry Kramer emerge, and ACT UP. Personally, I would love for us to delve deeper into AIDS activism," he said in the press tour.

Kramer was the catalyst in the founding of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP), a direct-action protest organization that chose government agencies and corporations as targets to publicize lack of treatment and funding for people with AIDS.

The second season is expected to drop in the summer, until then, we have our eye on every little detail that's out.