Pose Review: Oh how the mighty fall! House of Ferocity born out of Elektra's ashes

There's no second chance for Elektra, Blanca, Lil Papi and even Angel in this episode but there definitely is hope, because the only way from here is up

                            Pose Review: Oh how the mighty fall! House of Ferocity born out of Elektra's ashes
Angelica Ross (Source : Getty Images)

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Episode after episode, pose after pose, FX's 'Pose' just seems to be getting better and bitter. In the latest episode, titled 'Pink Slip,' we see there's no room for second chances, whether you are a victim of circumstances, like Lil Papi, or the reigning queen of Drag like Elektra Abundance. But why do you even need a second chance if it only makes heartbreaks worse: like Angel's break up with Stan. Episode 7 is hard hitting and proves the harsh realities of the 1980s Drag ballroom culture for transgenders. Glamour and categories are comparatively underplayed as the existing Houses crumble, and a new one emerges from the shadows.

The episode opens with Blanca finding out from Ricky that Lil Papi has been caught with drugs. One of the primary rules of belonging to Blanca's House of Evangelista is a strictly No Drugs policy. Lil Papi has been selling drugs, the house children know it, the mother suspects it and he is chucked out of the house when Ricky spills the beans. As the title suggests ('Pink Slip' is a dismissal letter that indicates you're out for good), second chances aren't really what we see here. As Blanca expels Papi from the house, he calls after her, “Don’t you believe in second chances?”

She doesn't react but since we know that Blanca has a heart of gold, she does believe in second chances, but not yet. Lil Papi is out on the streets again, and troubles call as he is arrested. He is bailed the next day, so we know all is good. That was a bit of a tease to scare us, and we were. 

At the same time, the person who is destroyed in this episode is someone who we never fathomed could be deterred by adversities: Elektra Abundance. In the previous episode, we saw her use up all the money meant for food and rent on her sex-change operation to become a "full woman." As it turns out, she hadn't paid the rent for two months, so Elektra and her children get evicted, but instead of opting to be homeless, Lulu and Candy decide to jointly open a House together: the House of Ferocity.

As for Elektra, her sugar daddy of 10 years, and who supported her financially, does not want her after the operation and quickly replaces her with another woman.

Elektra, in an underlying tone of desperation, asks Dick how he can say he doesn't like it without “going for a test drive in a brand-new pussy.”

However, Dick is in no mood for a ride and buckles his belt and makes to leave. Elektra, in her usual supreme self, proclaims that since she's a believer of second chances, she is giving Dick two weeks time to think about his decision of leaving her. But truly, he doesn't care. He only wanted Elektra to satisfy his ego by possessing her, and now that she did what she wanted to, irrespective of what he said, he wants her no more and replaces her with a young woman. 

Broke Elektra tries to negotiate a deal with another rich man, he is excited at first, but when he finds out that she has undergone a sex change surgery, he also backs out from being her sugar daddy. Elektra is hit with the realization that her freedom came at a horrible price. So the only option left for her is to strip at Peep World, the place where Angel was found by Stan.

Elektra, the bitchy character has been loved so much by the fans that seeing her take the tumble is a difficult watch. The worst part is when the security guard, who was nice to her when she was dating Dick, stops her from going to his penthouse and utters  “love to break your freak face.” Elektra is stunned because, at that moment, her whole world crumbles. 

For Angel, it looked like her world was coming together as Stan separated from his wife and even said that he is her boyfriend. While watching TV together on a Friday night, Stan asks her to take him to a ball because he wants to see what her life is all about. Angel is delighted at the request. So she takes him when the category is “bizarre” and he is not only astounded but also overwhelmed by the place. He wants to leave but Angel has to walk the runway.

We don't know what she wore or how she bagged the trophy she was carrying, but Stan did not get fascinated with Angel's world. What he does next is annoying but not shocking. He abruptly dumps Angel, empties the apartment he bought for her and wraps all her belongings in a garbage bag. She emotionally unfolds the bag and donnes her pink fur coat and is out on the streets as a hooker. Wonder why she did not go to the Peep World show, where she could meet Elektra. 

The idea of second chance dawns on Blanca towards the end of the episode when she hears her children arguing as to who is to blame for Papi being out on the streets. Blanca sets out to get Papi home but it is too late. Papi has new mothers now — Lulu and Candy — and is now a houseboy of the House of Ferocity. The new mothers challenge Blanca on the streets and she says she will get Papi back to Evangelista. The gathering tension, just a build up for the season finale episode 8 'Mother of the Year,' which will air on July 22.