Angelina Please death: Here's why we may never know TRUTH behind porn star's mysterious demise

Please's brother Lonnie claimed that she was cremated on April 12 in Las Vegas, leaving the family with 'more questions than answers'

                            Angelina Please death: Here's why we may never know TRUTH behind porn star's mysterious demise
Angelina Please was found dead at her condo in Las Vegas (@angelinaplease/Instagram)

Angelina Please, whose real name was Francesca Montalbano, was found dead in her Las Vegas condo just days after going missing. The family of the late trans porn star is in grief. The cause of her death is still unknown, and as her body was cremated, it's possible that no one will ever know.

Stephanie, the 24-year-old's mother, was concerned that she had died of a drug overdose following her recent revelation that she had been taking ketamine, but authorities assured them that this was not the case. The family is, however, still demanding answers after allegedly being told they would have had to spend $4K for a private autopsy despite the fact that Please's death remains a mystery. The family members also told The Sun that they are concerned that thousands of dollars were stolen from a safe in the late porn star's apartment after she died. However, the police have yet to confirm that as they are still looking into the matter.


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Please's brother Lonnie said that she was cremated on April 12 at the Palm Downtown Mortuary & Cemetery in Vegas, leaving them with "more questions than answers." Lonnie stated, "As far as the autopsy went I was told it was a look over. Nothing in-depth, it was just a toxicology screening and to see if there were any telltale signs of a cause."

"My mom did tell me she didn't receive the death certificate yet, also when I called the mortuary to halt the cremation and was given the news it had happened the woman said there must have been an autopsy. I looked up that info and found out there was none performed. We were told we'd have to pay $4,000 for anything further," Lonnie added. "Her ashes are to be sent to Montclair here in Chicago at some point. It's just mind-boggling and nobody has been telling us anything at all unless we call."



According to a clerk for the Clark County Coroner, "The cause of death is still pending, and the exam information is not public record at this time. When the reports are completed, they can be requested. The cause of death does not need to be determined for a person to be buried or cremated."

When asked if there was a probe into Please's death, a police spokesperson added, "This remains as a dead body report." Although Please's family set up a GoFundMe to raise finances, it only covered travel fair from Chicago and the cost of living in Vegas while they cleared out her condo.

Heartbroken Lonnie continued, "We didn't even have access to her apartment for about three days, we were always treated poorly, never let in on time, and so on. Francesca was a human being who was loved by her family, friends and fans. But I feel my sister was treated differently than your average 24-year-old cis woman who died. Everyday my mom is losing sleep, she lives with crippling anxiety and hardly leaves her bed."

"It breaks my heart. This entire situation just kills us. I have never felt true pain and suffering until I lost my baby sister. I am on a night terror medication to help me sleep by lessening the intensity of my nightmares of her death," Lonnie concluded. 



According to Please's neighbor and fellow performer Aspen Brooks, the adult star had been missing for five days. After much debate, Brooks confirmed her death on March 16, 2022. "Went to go check up on my friend after she had been missing, only to find out we lost an amazing person. One of my best friends. My neighbor. The person I would gossip with about everything. She was 24 years old and she’s looking down on us now in a better place, letting us know everything will be ok," Brooke stated.

Stephanie, who last spoke with her daughter on the phone on March 11 from her Chicago home, said that the two were really close and she is crushed. "I'm devastated, when I finally heard [that she had died], it was very guttural, I know her friend didn't want to have to be the one to tell me," Stephanie stated. "I don't know how long she'd been there, she was found in the living room, she was unrecognizable so they can't identify her. I can't remember what we talked about last, but I said I love you, we always said I love you," the heartbroken mother said.


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