‘Pool Boy Nightmare’: Meet Jessica Morris, Ellie Darcey and rest of the cast of Lifetime’s thriller movie 

‘Pool Boy Nightmare’: Meet Jessica Morris, Ellie Darcey and rest of the cast of Lifetime’s thriller movie 
'Pool Boy Nightmare' (Lifetime)

Lifetime’s latest thriller ‘Pool Boy Nightmare’ follows Gale, a hard-working, recently divorced mother, and her teenage daughter Becca. The daughter and mother duo move into a new neighborhood and end up getting romantically involved with their pool-cleaner boy Adam, who is twisted in his own ways. The rest of the movie navigates the difficulties and peril they encounter in their highly complicated relationship with a stranger, who is way too disturbed to be understood. If you’re planning on catching up with the movie, meet the cast here ahead of its release on September 7 on Lifetime. 

Jessica Morris 

Jessica Morris as Gale (Lifetime)

Jessica Morris is an American actress born in Jacksonville, Florida. Her first major role in television was on ABC’s ‘One Life to Live’ as Jennifer Rappaport, from 2001 to 2005. In ‘Pool Boy Nightmare’, she plays Becca’s mother Gale. After featuring in ‘One Life to Love’, Morris appeared in ‘Role Models’ as “Linda the Teacher”. She also starred in the 2009 fantasy film ‘Fading of the Cries’. Her next lead role was in the 2014 horror flick ‘Haunting of the Innocent’. In the same year, she played the role of Diane Hamilton in the soap opera web series ‘Beacon Hill’. Morris’s acting credits include numerous films such as ‘Living Among Us’, ‘On the Horizon’, ‘Art of the Dead’, and ‘The Onania Club’. Her notable television movies include ‘The Wrong’ series. 

Ellie Darcey 


Ellie Darcey as Becca (Lifetime)

English actress Ellie Darcey essays Becca in the Lifetime thriller. She was born into a middle-class family in Yarnton, Oxford. The 20-year-old star is popular for featuring in some of the biggest franchises including ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’ and ‘Doctor Who’ series 7 Christmas special ‘The Snowmen’. However, before landing these notable roles, she had done small-time modeling and commercials for brands including Nestle, Sodexo, Marks and Spencer, and McCarthy and Stone. Darcey even worked as a voice-over artist and took part in competitive dancing. Dacey has featured in films such as ‘Borgia’, ‘Welcome to the Punch’ and ‘Holby City’. Her television credits include ‘Remnants’, ‘How to Identify a Serial Killer’, ‘Children of the Cloth’ among others. 

Tanner Zagarino 


Tanner Zagarino as Adam (Lifetime)

Tanner Zagarino will be seen as Adam Lance in ‘Pool Boy Nightmare’, the pool cleaner boy who seduces Gale and Becca with his "prince charming" personality, which is driven by hidden intentions. Zagarino is a known social media influencer and boasts an impressive fan following on multiple social media platforms. He has played the role of Peter in the television series ‘Day by Day’. 


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