Most Americans support Trump's impeachment but a high number also feel he could win the 2020 elections, survey finds

A unique survey that took into consideration both the impeachment and re-election aspects showed the complex division among the American voters when it comes to perceiving the Trump impeachment issue.

                            Most Americans support Trump's impeachment but a high number also feel he could win the 2020 elections, survey finds
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While most polls continue to claim that President Donald Trump is losing more support base because of the ongoing impeachment inquiry and the latter himself counter-claiming that a negative picture is being projected by the “fake media” and not more than 25 percent sought his removal, another poll has come up with some unique findings.
According to a survey conducted by Zogby Analytics, while a large number of Americans feel their president should be impeached, a considerable portion of the voters also believes that he will end up winning the 2020 presidential elections. This is certainly not a conclusion that the Democrats, who are going all out to see Trump’s back, will be welcoming. For Trump's impeachment: 53%
The poll results said 53 percent of likely voters support the House impeachment inquiry against Trump that was launched on September 24. It was started after a whistleblower’s complaint accused the president of having improper talks with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky over the telephone in July. In their conversation, Trump allegedly sought Ukraine’s investigation into Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter and he was accused of doing so to derail Biden’s 2020 ambitions. 
The poll also said that 40 percent of the likely voters are not in favor of the impeachment inquiry. While it was found that 57 percent of the men somewhat supported the impeachment move, only 50 percent of women favored the same. 
Feeling Trump will win in 2020: 46%
Forty-seven percent of the voters sought impeachment of Trump but 41 percent did not. But then again, while 46 percent believed that Trump will end up winning the 2020 elections and grab another term, only 33 percent believed otherwise. Twelve percent of the respondents were not sure. For Zogby Analytics, it “sounds crazy” but nothing is too crazy when it comes to Trump.
Trump will make history if impeached and re-elected
“Maybe this is the perfect storm for a Trump win in 2020. He has survived every crisis imaginable, and maybe he will become the first president to be impeached and reelected. Sounds crazy, but in the case of Donald Trump, not that crazy,” Zogby said in its conclusion on the findings.
No US president has ever won an election after getting impeached. President Bill Clinton, the last president to be impeached, the experience came after his re-election in 1996. Richard Nixon, on the other hand, quit after his re-election and before the House voted to impeach him over Watergate.
The Zogby Analytics report also said that people’s sentiments towards Trump is a “mixed bag”. It said although a plurality might back Trump’s impeachment, but he still has a high approval rate. It said while the people are divided and Trump could end up getting impeached, it is unlikely that he will meet his end soon. “...things are only going to get crazier and more intense over the next year. Maybe this is the perfect storm for a Trump win in 2020,” the report added. 
The findings further showed that the groups that seek Trump’s re-election, including suburban voters and young Millenials, appear more in favor of Trump winning his second term while the women and Hispanics are split over supporting the president’s re-election.
The Zogby Analytics’ poll has included both the impeachment and re-election aspects in its scope and it shows that the people of America are deeply divided over the entire issue even though most still want to see the incumbent for four more years beginning 2021. 

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