33-year-old woman arrested after she snatched 4-year-old boy at South LA McDonald's and walked out

33-year-old woman arrested after she snatched 4-year-old boy at South LA McDonald's and walked out

Update: 33-year-old Maralyn Ramos has been arrested in the case of kidnapping a child on camera at a south LA McDonald's on Thursday. Ramos has been charged with kidnapping. Her bail has been set at $100,000.

Detectives have also determined that Ramos' case is unrelated to the case of a child being snatched while walking with a family member on Martin Luther King Boulevard and San Pedro Street on Wednesday. Police said they are still looking for the suspect in this case.

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In a shocking incident at a South Los Angeles McDonald's restaurant, a woman was caught on camera snatching a four-year-old child and walking out the door. The incident occurred on Tuesday, May 14, at around 3.15 pm, the police said. 

Police say the unidentified woman tried to grab a boy and took him outside. The police are currently looking for her and have asked for the public's help in order to identify the woman. "We need your help to identify and arrest this kidnap suspect. On May 14 she kidnapped a four-year-old from inside a McDonald’s restaurant on Olympic Blvd & Central Ave, but fortunately, witnesses intervened and she let the child go. Any info contact LAPD RHD Detectives (213) 486-6840," the LAPD has tweeted.

In a similar incident on Wednesday, May 15, an attempt to kidnap a four-year-old boy occurred on Martin Luther King Boulevard and San Pedro Street, also in L.A. It is reported that the suspect pulled the child's hand and tried to walk away. The incident occurred when the child was walking with a family member at the scene, the cops said. When the suspect was stopped by a witness, she took off. Detectives are investigating to determine if the two incidents are related. 

According to reports, the woman has been described to be between the ages of 25 to 30 and of black or Hispanic race. Her hair is said to be black in color and the color of her eyes is unknown. The suspect is at 5 feet 4 inches tall and is said to weigh approximately 115 pounds. The woman is also said to have a scar or a birthmark on her forehead and a tattoo above her left breast. There's also a tattoo on her upper back and left shoulder.

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