'Delivery man' shoots woman with crossbow hidden inside box at point blank range, flees crime scene

'Delivery man' shoots woman with crossbow hidden inside box at point blank range, flees crime scene
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A woman in Canada will reportedly be in recovery for the rest of her days after someone who posed as a delivery person shot her with a crossbow point-blank. The attack is being investigated as an attempted murder and it took place in November last year in Mississauga, Ontario. The authorities released video footage of the victim's front door security camera on April 15 in an effort to identify the attacker who shot the woman.

CNN reported that paramedics responded to the residence in Mississauga on November 7 and found a 44-year-old woman suffering from life-threatening injuries. Authorities said in a press release that she was immediately transported to a nearby hospital.

Since that time, investigators have determined that the female victim had answered her front door and came across the suspect holding a large box in his hands. The pair have a brief conversation after which the suspect shot the woman in the chest with a crossbow that was concealed inside the box.

Authorities said that the suspect then fled to a dark-colored pickup truck. Investigators on the case believe that the attack was premeditated and isolated. Division Superintendent Heather Ramore said in the press conference that the comments which were made by the suspect to the victim at her front door indicated that the attack was targeted.

Ramore said: "The victim suffered massive trauma that was both life-threatening and life-altering. The attack was meant to end the victim's life." She continued to say that it is very possible that the suspect carried out the attack on the orders of someone else. Ramore also said that the weapon used in the attack is "commonly used by hunters to kill large game, such as moose and deer."

Peel Regional Police Detective Sergeant Jim Kettles then said that the man's right hand was inside the box and that the investigators believe that he used the arm to pull the trigger on the crossbow and fire. The victim had been home alone at the time but managed to shut the door and call 911 after she was shot. Kettles said that the woman spent several months in the hospital and will be in a "recovery phase for the rest of her life".


The suspect's face is not covered in the surveillance video but the person can be seen wearing a hat and quite possibly another head cover. He also appeared to be wearing gloves in the footage. Kettles then said that the suspect's hat and shoes are very distinctive and may also help provide some vital clues to the suspect's identity.

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