'Poster Girl' police sergeant live-streams herself playing video games in skimpy outfits

The officer for Lincolnshire police even live-streams herself playing computer games in skimpy clothes for donations

                            'Poster Girl' police sergeant live-streams herself playing video games in skimpy outfits
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A police officer who was on a long-term sick leave for stress decided to go see the world and live stream herself playing computer games in revealing outfits for donations. Thirty-three-year-old Sgt Leanne Carr has also been busy posting pictures of herself snorkeling in Thailand and relaxing on the beach in Cyprus. 

According to Carr's Instagram uploads, she has also been snowboarding in the Australian Alps. In the picture of her snowboarding, she wrote, "Don't be fooled by the amount of snow on my clothing, I'm actually a pro."

Detective superintendent Suzanne Davies spoke to The Sun and said, "The officer in question was absent from work due to illness for a period of seven months whilst an internal misconduct investigation was carried out. These matters have now been concluded and were dealt with by way of a misconduct meeting, details of which are not made public because they deal with less serious internal matters."

"This was in accordance with Police Conduct Regulations 2012. When any officer is absent from work due to illness regular contact is maintained with them and they are entitled to do as they wish during that time, including going on holiday, as long as it does not prohibit their return to work as soon as possible," Suzanne continued.

"If anything is included on those accounts that breaches the high standards a police officer should maintain at all times we will investigate and act accordingly to make sure that is dealt with appropriately," she concluded. 

Carr, who makes around £45,000 a year, also live-streamed herself playing the popular game 'Fortnight' while wearing nothing but her underwear. She calls herself the 'Pineapple Queen' and asks her viewers to donate money to her bank account as the camera points at her cleavage.

This incident comes on the heels of another one last year when she was criticized for posting bikini pictures from luxury trips she took, also while on sick leave. This also included one photograph of her topless with pineapples covering her breasts. Her profile on Twitch reads: "If you really feel I deserve it please feel free to send anything :)"

Carr's colleagues were also not happy with her uploads and one of them told Daily Mail: "This is a senior officer — a sergeant earning around £45,000 a year — and in my opinion, some of the photos are not befitting of someone in that role. In practically every photograph she is wearing next to nothing and some of the poses she does are very suggestive.

"Lincolnshire Police know about this but are allowing it to happen despite having a strict policy on what an officer can share on social media," the colleague continued. 

Before her live-streaming days, Carr was a part-time model. Her fans and followers were not too pleased with her live streams or revealing outfits. One critic tweeted, "Sgt Carr is not doing herself or police reputation any good." Another user wrote, "Bloody typical. Supposed to be off work sick and is off abroad galavanting having the time of her life. Should be fired. Immediately. Police force is a joke in this country. Can't stick by their morals. I mean if they have any, to begin with." 

Sgt Carr is seen as the 'poster girl' for the Lincolnshire Police. Lincolnshire Police shared that it was unaware of her streaming sessions and said that officers were entitled to a private life.