Murderkill River: 2 bodies of missing swimmers found, Internet says ‘now why the f**k would you go there?’

Murderkill River: 2 bodies of missing swimmers found, Internet says ‘now why the f**k would you go there?’
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Two brothers, 21-year-old Kevin George Jr and 20-year-old Zion George, along with two friends, drove to the South Bowers Beach area from Philadelphia on Tuesday, June 30, for a day trip, unaware of the tragedy that awaited them. On Wednesday, July 1, it was reported that the police and the rest of the rescue team recovered their missing bodies after an intense search of hours.

The George brothers and their 20-year-old friend, reportedly entered the Murderkill River on Tuesday afternoon, only to be found screaming a few minutes later. The assistant chief of South Bowers Beach Fire Company, Michael Hignutt, who was fishing at the river at the time of the incident, jumped in on noticing the strong currents pulling the brothers further away. 

He managed to rescue the 20-year-old swimmer but had to call in the police and paramedics to look for the George brothers. The search was called off on Tuesday evening as it was already dark and resumed on Wednesday when Zion and Kevin were presumed dead. Delaware State Police Cpl. Heather Pepper said told in a statement that Kevin's body was found "close to where he was last seen" and they found Zion in the same area 15 minutes later. 

As soon as the news broke, internet users took to Twitter to react to the tragic death of the George brothers, which has led to some strange theories and speculations doing the rounds on the internet. 

One Twitter user, who couldn’t get their head around the fact that the two young boys chose a rather secluded location to have some fun, asked, "Now why the f**k would you go swimming in Murderkill River? explain it to me." Soon, fellow Twitter users flooded the above tweet with a wide range of comments, explaining what could have possibly killed them, along with interesting and nerve-wracking facts about Murderkill River. 


While one wrote, "I feel like the kids weren't listening to the olds about not swimming in the dangerous river so they said, Screw that! We're tired of warning these young whippersnappers! and named it the Murderkill River," another seconded, "It's the same kind of people who don't leave a haunted house in a horror movie or try to summon a demon for shits and giggles."


"We also have a beach back there called Slaughter Beach," one said while another Twitter user posted, "Right around the corner from Camp Crystal Lake. Off Elm Street. That wooded area after the Last House on the Left. Across from the Church of Satan."

Meanwhile, some used the opportunity to circulate a joke about the name given to the river which claimed two lives recently. One wrote, "Because Stabby Stranger Lake was closed for an algae bloom?" Another asked, "Is that anywhere near Babysitterslayer lane?" One user wrote, "Apparently there's another one nearby named Wh**ekill."

Some shocked internet users established that the tragic death of the George brothers will go down as one of the scariest incidents in the history of Murderkill River. One user wrote, "Hello yes Siri? Set a reminder for me to be assassinated on this river this July 4th weekend."


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