Todt family murders: Cops recall 'foul odor' at home where man killed wife and 3 kids, bodies were wrapped in blankets

Todt family murders: Cops recall 'foul odor' at home where man killed wife and 3 kids, bodies were wrapped in blankets
Anthony Todt (Osceola County Police Department)

CELEBRATION, FLORIDA: In what comes as a grisly piece of news in the aftermath of the Anthony Todt criminal case where he killed his wife and three kids brutally and lived with their bodies for days, police officers have recalled encountering a "strong foul odor" when entering Todt's home.

The heinous act had occurred on January 13 at their home in Celebration, Florida — a Disney designed and developed gated community, according to Daily Mail.

One of the officers had noted that a foot was sticking out of the blanket and was black and blue in color. It is believed Todt spent at least two weeks with the bodies.  He is charged with four counts of murder and animal cruelty for also killing their dog, Breezy.


There were some developments in the case after he confessed to the murders. The Orlando office of the Medical Examiner released the preliminary autopsy reports.

Anthony stabbed his wife, sons 13-year-old Alek and 11-year-old Tyler repeatedly, but it is still unclear how he killed his four-year-old son Zoe. Reports detailed out the wounds — 3.2 x 1.1 centimeters for Megan in her report while Alek had suffered a 5.9 x 3 cm stab wound.

Tyler's stab wound was 10.7 x 2.1 centimeters in size while Zoe's autopsy revealed no signs of injury. According to Daily Mail, one of the officers said: "I could smell a foul odor that I suspected was something or someone deceased."

Todt had replied that his wife had been sleeping upstairs, but the police found no response. Another officer who was part of the investigation narrated: "I pushed the door open further and observed two persons laying on mattresses on the floor covered up."


"I then approached the person that was covered up on the bed... I removed the blanket and observed the person was obviously deceased due to the body starting to decompose," he shared.

The police are yet to ascertain the reason why Todt would resort to killing his family, but it was revealed that he was in heavy debt and was being evicted. He had reportedly told police he had tried to end his life by overdosing on Benadryl after killing his family.

The documents pertaining to the case also had details of 911 calls where Todt's sister had called the Osceola County Sheriff's Office several times, as well as an FBI agent who was investigating Todt for fraud in Connecticut.

According to her, Megan had said: "the world was ending on the 28th." A total of nine calls were made the day the bodies were discovered. Meanwhile, Anthony Todt remains in police custody.


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