32-year-old Idaho nurse under investigation for possible role in Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth's murder

As the mystery around missing Colorado mother Kelsey Berreth deepens, police are continuing to investigate new leads, one of which had led them to suspect a nurse in Idaho.

                            32-year-old Idaho nurse under investigation for possible role in Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth's murder

New developments in the case of missing 29-year-old Colorado mother Kelsey Berreth have seen detectives reportedly zero in on a new suspect: a 32-year-old female nurse from Twin Falls, Idaho.

Authorities are said to be investigating the nurse and have not released her identity because she has not yet been charged.

With Berreth's body yet to be traced, investigators earlier announced that they believed her to be dead and arrested her fiancé Patrick Frazee for her murder.

According to the Daily Mail, multiple sources have confirmed that police are now looking into the nurse for her alleged role in helping dispose of Berreth's phone, which last pinged off a tower in Gooding, Idaho, more than 700 miles away from the Safeway grocery store in the 200 block of E. Lake Ave in Woodland Park where she was last seen on Thanksgiving Day.

While the Woodland Park Police Department has thrown its weight behind the investigation, it was reported that police in Idaho are lending a helping hand in the case and even managed to locate the mother's phone, which had been missing since her disappearance.

The phone is believed to be a key piece of evidence considering Berreth, a flight instructor, also sent a text message to her boss stating she wouldn't be in for work on November 25, three days after she disappeared. 

The Twin Falls Police Department verified their force had played a role by obtaining search warrants and examining evidence in the case, which continues to grow more convoluted by the day and sees an impending custody battle waiting to unfold on the sidelines. Berreth and Frazee share a daughter.

Her fiancé Frazee has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of solicitation to commit murder in the first degree and formally indicted this past week but there continues to be ambiguity in who will receive custody of his and Berreth's daughter, Kaylee.

Temporary physical custody of the 14-month-old girl was initially awarded to Berreth's parents via an emergency custody order filed by the Teller County Department of Human Services (TCDHS) but that ruling proved to be temporary as Frazee's mother, Sheila Frazee, filed a motion declaring she wanted parental rights to the infant.

Sheila, who is a divorced mother-of-four who officially owns the 35-acre ranch which Frazee shared with her, was also taken in for questioning during her son's arrest but later released without being charged. Her motion to intervene in the TCDHS ruling has come as a surprise to all.

While Frazee was expected to be back at the Teller County Courthouse only on Friday, January 4 for a four-hour hearing on motions in his upcoming murder trial — his lawyers have stated their intentions to fight the first-degree murder charges — he may now also be making an appearance on Thursday because of his mother's filing.

Meanwhile, his arrest warrant remained sealed until this past Monday, December 31, because of concerns raised by the prosecution on how publication of the details could "seriously jeopardize the physical safety of potential witnesses in the investigation." It now remains to be seen whether he will contest the other charges as well or if he will enter a plea deal.