Police shoot dead former sheriff's deputy after he stabbed and beat sister, mother, and roommate to death

43-year-old David Gerald McNabb was fatally shot by sheriff's deputies after a confrontation inside his residence where he stabbed and killed his sister, mother, and roommate.

                            Police shoot dead former sheriff's deputy after he stabbed and beat sister, mother, and roommate to death

A former sheriff's deputy was fatally shot by police officers after he beat and stabbed his sister, mother, and roommate to death at their home in California. Forty-three-year-old David Gerald McNabb was killed on Friday, December 28, by deputies who responded to the residence on reports of a "bloody scene."

The victims were identified as his sister, 34-year-old Nicole McNabb, his mother, 64-year-old Melania McNabb, and his roommate, 63-year-old Carlos Echavarria.

According to the Daily Mail, the incident unfolded on Friday night at McNabb's home in the gated community of Oakhill Estates in Orcutt, an unincorporated village of Santa Barbara County. Deputies reached the scene at around 8 pm after being notified by a person who walked into the home and found one of the victims covered in blood in the bathtub.

On arrival at the residence, officers learned that the attacker was still inside. Sheriff's spokeswoman Kelly Hoover explained the deputies believed there were still multiple people wounded inside the home, saying, "It became a situation where they needed to go in and rescue the people who were inside the home."

The Ventura County Star reported that at this point the deputies, assigned to the Sheriff's Special Enforcement Team, issued an alert to neighbors, warning them to stay inside their homes, and then made contact with McNabb, who was armed with a rifle. In an attempt to rescue the victims, they entered the home and confronted the 43-year-old.

He was first shot with less-lethal munitions, including a 40mm impact weapon and a beanbag shotgun round before the deputies resorted to using deadly force, said Hoover. McNabb was rushed to the hospital for treatment but was later pronounced dead on Saturday morning.

A full search of the residence led deputies to find the bodies of all three victims. They were believed to have been stabbed and beaten to death. 

The 43-year-old had a history of violence that had resulted in prior convictions. He was arrested in September 2012 by police in Oxnard and booked at the Ventura County Jail. Then, in May 2014, he was convicted of felony domestic violence and sentenced to jail. Court records indicate he was released from custody on probation in October 2016.

The Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office — where McNabb worked as a custody deputy from July 2001 to March 2012 before voluntarily resigning from his post — announced it would continue to "investigate the motive and circumstances leading up to this horrific act of violence" and expressed their "heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the victims who were so senselessly killed."

Authorities insist the carnage was an isolated incident. "This appears to be a situation where it was isolated to this residence," Hoover said. "It's still very early, but at this time and this point it appears to be a very tragic situation."