Trump supporter smacks woman's phone at Phoenix airport, gets arrested in viral video

Trump supporter smacks woman's phone at Phoenix airport, gets arrested in viral video
The woman was arrested for smacking someone's phone at the airport (Twitter)

PHOENIX, ARIZONA: Authorities escorted away a woman carrying a Donald Trump flag at Phoenix airport after she confronted a woman who appeared to be recording her. Jennirocha86's TikTok page released a video of the incident, which has over 126,000 likes and has been seen over 1 million times. The video was accompanied with the following comment: "Only in the Phoenix International Airport, LOL. This was sent to me previously by my cousin."



Only at the Phoenix airport LOL. my cousin send me this earlier 💀💀💀💀

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The footage starts with a woman wearing a Trump flag approaching another woman at the airport who is holding her phone. Before sarcastically asking whether she had permission to record her, the former constantly asked the latter if she was being recorded. 



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The Trump fan then slapped the woman's phone from her grip before demanding whether she gave him permission to video her. Seconds later, two security officials approach the Trump fan, one of them says, "You do not have the authorization to hit people's phones," before detaining her.


The woman went away with the two cops without protesting, saying that the lady with the phone did not have the authorization to film her. It's unclear if the woman was photographing the Trump supporter or not. Viewers of the video commented on the authorities' fast action in the comments section.

As one user put it: "*Brings a flag to the airport to attract attention* When they are the centre of attention, they become enraged. I can't believe these are actual people." "It's very wonderful how the cop was right there," another individual wrote.

Other commenters pointed out that in public areas, people's expectations of privacy are lowered. One person wrote: "You can record in a public place where no one expects your privacy. Don't have public meltdowns and then get upset when people video them." 



"Did she intend on slapping someone at the airport for the hundreds of security cameras she's being captured on as well?" joked another. 

Donald Trump has been chastised for his supporters' actions, particularly those who stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2020. Last Monday, the lawyer representing Jacob Chansley requested Trump to bear responsibility for his followers.

Albert Watkins made a foul-mouthed statement intended at Trump after Chansley was sentenced to 41 months in jail last week Wednesday. He stated, " "If you're asking for my opinion, it's pointless. I'll say that over a beer with former President Trump, I'd probably be considerably more successful, even if he didn't have a beer because I realise he doesn't drink beer, but I'd have a beer."

"'You know what?' I'd say. You have a few f**king tasks ahead of you. That includes cleaning up this f**king mess and dealing with a lot of the jerks you f**ked up because of January 6,” he added. "In the interim, I'll probably chat to him about some other topics on which we agree. However, my viewpoint isn't worth a s**t."


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