Here's why Pokimane donated $10K to budding streamers

Here's why Pokimane donated $10K to budding streamers
Pokimane is one of the popular Twitch streamers with over 9.3 million subscribers (Pokimane/YouTube)

Twitch Streamer Imane Anys aka Pokimane recently donated over $10,000 to all the budding streamers. Pokimane celebrated her 27th birthday on Sunday, May 14, and as a part of her celebration, she uploaded a heartwarming YouTube video where she shared a giveaway with her fellow streamers. 

Pokimane is one of the popular Twitch streamers with over 9.3 million subscribers. She is not very active on streaming platforms because of her busy schedule and being engaged with other work. But that didn’t stop her from interacting with her fellow streamers and fans. 


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Pokimane’s giveaway of $10,000

Pokimane planned a giveaway of $10,000 to budding streamers on her birthday. This is not the first time as Pokimane donated a hefty amount to streamers three years ago.


But this time it seems like there's a catch! Pokimane added a twist and gave options to streamers to either take the money, or they can double it and pass it to other streamers. So she started with lesser amounts like $200, and $400 and later increased it.



Pokimane also gifted Twitch subs to budding streamers to help them reach their subscription goal. Another notable piece of information is that Pokimane's donation exceeded the planned amount of $10K. As the streaming world continues to evolve and grow, acts of Pokimane’s kindness paved the way for a brighter future, where aspiring creators can find the support to pursue their careers in the streaming platform. 

'Thank you so much!'

As soon as Pokimane uploaded the giveaway video, streamers started thanking her for her philanthropic act and kindness. One of her fans wrote, “I'm crying watching this😭 people are so kind and wholesome!!” One YouTuber wrote, “Poki you truly are such a kind person and even through all the fame and money you stayed so kind and appreciative. <3” One user thanked and wrote, “Thank you so much! The money helped so much in the move you have no idea, and the new rig is running beautifully!” A YouTube user thanked her for supporting her contemporaries, “This is what I hope from streamers, to support one another in their creations. Thank you Poki for supporting others with your platform. ❤”


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 Pokimane gives away $10K to budding Twitch streamers to empower them. What's the 'twist'?