'Pokemon Journeys: The Series' Preview: How Pichu evolved into the much-loved and iconic Pikachu

'Pokemon Journeys: The Series' will begin streaming on Netflix on June 12

                            'Pokemon Journeys: The Series' Preview:  How Pichu evolved into the much-loved and iconic Pikachu
Pichu (IMDB)

For those who grew up on Pokemon, we've just remembered Pikachu as the initially crabby mouse-ish electric Pokemon, who became a loyal friend to Ash, after he saved him from a flock of angry Pidgeottos (Yes, refresh your memory all the way back to the first season). Team Rocket has tried getting their hands on Pikachu in practically every episode, but their attempts were thwarted every time, partially due to their own stupidity. Pikachu has stayed by Ash's side for 22 seasons, while his friends like Brock, Tracey, Misty, and May have come and gone. 

And now, in Season 23, we are going to get a keen insight into Pikachu's backstory, when he was Pichu. The synopsis for the prequel episode reads, "In this prequel episode, Pikachu's backstory as a Pichu, his being cared for by a Kangaskhan after falling off a cliff, and Ash's backstory when he was 6 years old missing Professor Oak's camp because he overslept and breaking the Poké Ball Clock, the events leading to his evolution into a Pikachu and eventually meeting Ash are revealed."

In Season 23, Ash and Pikachu are headed to the opening of the Cerise Laboratory, a research facility dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of Pokemon in every region. Ash meets Goh, another boy, who is just as passionate about Pokemon, and both are overjoyed when Professor Cerise asks them to become official research fellows. Another important quest is to finally capture Mew, who is the most powerful and rarest of all Pokemon, along with Mewtwo. 

The first 12 episodes of 'Pokemon Journeys: The Series' will release on Netflix on June 12 and additional new episodes will be added quarterly. Ash Ketchum will be voiced by Sarah Natochenny, who has dubbed for animated shows like 'Robin Hood: Mischief In Sherwood' and 'World Of Winx'. Goh will be voiced by Zeno Robinson. The Pokemon world is a vast and fertile space, which is enough for creators to come up with new ideas every year. It has spawned video games, merchandise, films as well as the live animation 'Detective Pikachu', where Pikachu was voiced by Ryan Reynolds. 

So tune into Netflix on June 12 and join in the fun! 

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