Francia James: Playboy model carried out of club after barging herself into DJ booth to change music

Francia James: Playboy model carried out of club after barging herself into DJ booth to change music
Francia James yelled in confusion as she was carried out of the nightclub by a bouncer (R) (francety/Instagram and francety/Instagram video screenshot)

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Playboy model Francia James, who is famous for performing public stunts on her social media, was carried out of a nightclub in Miami after walking uninvited into a DJ booth to change the music. The adult actress appeared to be in high spirits until a bouncer picked her up and out of the nightspot. 

James wore a faux leather crop top with matching trousers. She paired the glossy outfit with black heels and eye-catching red lipstick as she filmed herself enjoying a night out in the town. The 32-year-old OnlyFans star shared the stunt which took place at E11even nightclub in Miami, Florida, on her Instagram. In the video, James can be seen forcing her way into the DJ booth with the 11Ape mascot and changing the music to a much bouncier track. "When the DJ won’t play your song @11apemusic @11miami @francety," she wrote in the caption of the post. The clip has received over 43.1k likes with over 831k views, at the time of writing. 


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It appears James, who goes by the username 'Francety', was not satisfied with the slow music that was playing as she can be seen asking, "What is that," while facing the camera. She then turns away and heads to the booth where the DJ is dressed up as the venue's monkey mascot. Finally, the social media personality "booty-bounces" the announcer to change the track as she starts jumping to the beat of the newly played music. 

However, her excitement does not last very long as she is picked up by a bearded security guard and carried out of the nightclub in mere seconds. On her way out, James can be heard yelling in confusion. Her 11.4 million Instagram followers were quick to react to the hilarious video with a fan commenting, "I’d rather you be the DJ‼️" under the post. "Well if you want something done your way then you gotta do it yourself," wrote another fan, supporting her wild move at the Miami club. "I love it your funny lovely and gorgeous," read a third comment. 


A few internet users were, however, unimpressed by the star's behavior. "My man sends her back to where she came from, "THE STEETS"," read a comment. Another user wrote, "This lady is so cringy." To which, Francia responded, saying: "Yes, she is."

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