Playboy's Rape Mansions: How Hugh Hefner's pals sold reject Playmates like cattle

Playboy's Rape Mansions: How Hugh Hefner's pals sold reject Playmates like cattle
Millionaire publisher of Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner poses with a bevy of bunny girls. (Photo by Robert Mora/Getty Images)

According to the Daily Mail, Playboy insiders said in a series of interviews with the publication that these small houses were owned by Hugh Hefner's close pals and were often attended by celebrities and politicians, including a former president and a former governor. Insiders also claimed that aspiring Playmates who failed to pass Hefner's Playboy Mansion auditions were placed in a network of Beverly Hills residences where they were given false promises of modeling contracts and movie parts while being 'sold like cattle' between affluent and influential men.

Jennifer Saginor, a 51-year-old, grew up in the 1990s and 2000s, surrounded by the opulent Playboy Mansion. She claims she was exposed to the secret, evil side of the Playboy company from an early age as the daughter of Dr. Mark Saginor, Hefner's close friend and personal physician dubbed 'Dr. Feelgood' due to his claimed predilection for giving Quaalude tablets.


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Jennifer recounted decadent parties at some of the 'mini-mansions,' where young women were pushed to take hard drugs or dosed with date rape medications without their knowledge before many men had sex with them in an exclusive interview with

Jennifer stated in the interview, "I spent most of my life at the Playboy Mansion. Holidays, after school, weekends that turned into decades. My father was Hefner's closest, consistent friend of 40 or more years and his live-in physician."

Jennifer elaborated, "Men from Hef's inner circle ran fake modeling agencies and housed young women, who had hopes of becoming rich and famous. These men were trying to replicate Hef's Playboy Mansion by creating their own mini-mansion. Though these men were in Hef's inner circle, Hef would distance himself from these mini-mansions. He rarely attended these parties." She went on to explain that, "These men were very wealthy and connected in entertainment, politics and sports. They hosted massive parties under the guise of fake modeling agencies, hosted by sponsors so they seemed legit. The young girls who were a part of the mini-mansions did not realize they were being groomed to become high-class escorts. Many became addicted to drugs, threatened and blackmailed."

In 2005, Jennifer attempted to speak out about the alleged prostitution network in a shocking memoir, "Playground: A Childhood Lost Inside the Playboy Mansion" but her publisher's lawyers had over 200 chapters removed from the book because they feared legal punishment from Hugh Hefner, who died in 2017.

When Josh Behar, Jennifer's book editor at HarperCollins, saw her novel, he was outraged and shocked, but he was delighted to help unveil the 'dark underbelly' behind the Playboy brand in 2005. Despite getting 15 affidavits from Jennifer's acquaintances backing up portions of her tale, he told that Hefner's riches and influence frightened the publisher's lawyers, who removed many of the scary charges from the biography. This book was published in 2006 and has garnered a lot of positive feedback on Amazon, with one reader describing it as "A unique and compelling story."

There's also a series called 'Secrets of Playboy', which premiered its debut episode on Monday, January 24. The famed Playboy mansion dweller, ladies who were part of Hugh Hefner's life, and Jennifer Saginor star in the ten-episode A&E documentary series.

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