New documentary on Hugh Hefner looks to uncover the Playboy founder's dark secrets

New documentary on Hugh Hefner looks to uncover the Playboy founder's dark secrets
Hugh Hefner (Source : Getty Images)

The death of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner came as a shock, despite his ripe old age and rumors that he had been struggling with his health for some time yet. The image of Hefner surrounded by several gorgeous women and always energetic and laughing had been seared into our heads, so any idea that contrary to this one seemed implausible.

But as it is with anyone who spent such a vast majority of their life in front of the cameras, what you saw was not always what you got. The Economic Times reports that a documentary currently under works will 'expose the dark secrets' of the Playboy editor, though it is currently unclear as to what this constitutes.

The new documentary will look into a murkier side of Hefner's life (Source: John M. Heller/Getty Images))


On the outside, we saw Hefner as the hedonistic, extravagant, flamboyant activist/philanthropist who had his way with some of the most beautiful women in the country. However, little is still known about what transpired behind the scenes at the iconic Playboy mansion and the details about Hefner's private life, with the documentary looking to answer some of these questions.

The revelation that such a documentary was indeed in the works came from Carla Howe, a former Playboy bunny herself. "The show is being filmed at the moment. Producers are speaking to girls who lived in the mansion," she told the Daily Star.

Howe also revealed that she had been a confidante to many who had told her some less-than-pleasant tales of Hefner, though she did clarify to say that she had never been a victim to such untoward and unseemly behavior herself.

"I never had any bad experiences with him but there are a couple of girls who did," she said. "Some girls are coming out and saying bad things about him. I've heard bad stories. I've heard they take turns with him. They'd all be in a little room together."


She continued: "It would be eight at a time. A lot went on. Luckily, that never happened to me. When I lived there, he was already married so I think I was the lucky one," adding that, according to her, Hefner always knew that some of these so-called 'dirty secrets' would come to light some day.

The claims are not too outlandish either, especially taking into consideration Hefner's staunch and outspoken advocation for sexual liberation and freedom of expression. 

Hefner passed away on September 27 last year, with his death certificate indicating that his death was not natural but a result of a combination of cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, septicemia, which is a severe blood infection, and a highly resistant strain of e-coli.

The aforementioned documentary will not be the first that attempts to chronicle his life — 2009's 'Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist, and Rebel' looked into Hefner's fight against the government, religious right, and militant feminists  — though it is likely to be the first that looks to uncover the murkier side.


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