Woman who has had over 200 surgeries to look like a cartoon won't stop even though doctors have refused more procedures

Fox has had her jaw intentionally fractured to make her face smaller, ear surgery to make them look more elf-like, 6 of her ribs removed and a range of other bizarre procedures

                            Woman who has had over 200 surgeries to look like a cartoon won't stop even though doctors have refused more procedures

After conducting 200 plastic surgeries on model Pixiee Fox, doctors have now refused to do any more procedures on her. 'Botched' doctors, who have been crucial in her transformation, have said that they will no longer operate on her to help her realize her dream of becoming a "living cartoon".The 28-year-old Fox from North Carolina appeared on the sixth season of E!'s 'Blotched' where surgeons Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif decided that enough was enough.


Fox has had her jaw intentionally fractured to make her face smaller, has had ear surgery to make them look more elf-like, had had six of her ribs removed, along with four boob jobs, lip injections and fat injections under the eyes, two liposuction surgeries as well as brow and butt lifts.

She's also had surgery to change her eye color. "Since last time I was here, I had more than 20 plastic surgery procedures for my quest to look like a living cartoon. Surgeries that I know that Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow would never, ever perform on me," Fox said. "This time, maybe, they can try to open up and see a little bit of my vision of my life." She's also made requests about a pubic eyelash transplant and a procedure that would make her vagina look like a "baby flower."

Dr. Dubrow said, "I cannot believe how many operations Pixee has had in the last year. I have never seen anything like this in my entire career."


Pixie's recent obsession was with her hairline. She felt it was all wrong and needed to be fixed. The doctors showed her the door, saying there was nothing wrong with her current hairline. However, this did not deter Fox, who said that she is "proud" of how far she's come.

"I never really felt human, I always felt more like a pixie, like a fantasy creature. I am proud over what I have achieved. I think it's amazing. I have a new face, a new body, it's a lot," she said.


She also reportedly traveled to South Korea recently so that she could undergo a very risky procedure to reshape her face. The procedure involves doctors breaking her jaw, shaving it, then putting it back together so as to change the shape of the face as desired.

It sounds painful, to say the least. "I wanted to do the V-line and bone surgery to achieve more symmetry and have a jawline that looked more like a super-hero. The jaw surgery will make my face look smaller which will make my eyes appear bigger," she revealed, according to Daily Mail.

Speaking about the surgery, she said that it was the most difficult one so far. "All the other surgeries have been easy in comparison since they are performed more frequently. This one required a lot of research," she said. She's now in recovery from this surgery, which will take her a minimum of 12 months. She had it done with Dr Park of ID Hospital in Korea.


"I had my cheekbones reduced, the chin re-centered, the shaving down of my jaw, then moved back into place, so it was a complete face and bone reconstruction. It was a risky surgery so surgeons had to be especially careful with that as there were a lot of muscles and nerves in the face."

Fox had her first surgery back in 2011 and she never looked back. "'After doing my first surgery I got hooked. For me, it was like going on an adventure and creating my body with my own imagination. It was so exciting and I just continued because I knew this was my way and what I was supposed to do. The surgeries have helped me over the years to love myself for the person I really am."


She is now focusing on creating a book series that she would feature in as the superhero character. She has hopes that it would give 'Wonder Woman' a run for her money.  She reportedly said, "Now I am turning my life into a story where I am the superhero. It is fantasy and fiction but based on me as a person. I would not be a superhero like all the others, I will be one showing real-world struggles and you will see me in many different characters in the future."