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7-month-old toddler 'fighting for life’ after being viciously mauled by caregiver's pit bulls

Semaj's babysitter ran some errands, leaving him with another adult who the mother did not know when the pit bulls attacked him
Semaj S a 7 month old toddler was mauled by pit bulls (GoFundMe)
Semaj S a 7 month old toddler was mauled by pit bulls (GoFundMe)

WASHINGTON DC: A 7-month-old boy, Semaj S, is in critical care after being attacked by two violent pit bulls, according to his family. The attack occurred inside a home on the 4400 block of Dix Street in Northeast Washington on Thursday.

According to the family, the toddler who suffered serious injuries and a fractured skull is "fighting for his life" after the attack. The child went through surgery on Sunday, Nov 6. Semaj's mother had dropped him off with a babysitter on November 3, reports People. However, the babysitter left Semaj with another caregiver unbeknownst to his mother. It was then the caregiver's pit bulls viciously attacked the toddler. "My sister had left her baby with someone who was supposed to watch her baby for her," the child's aunt said. "That person ended up leaving her baby with someone else without her knowing."


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Semaj was taken to the hospital and is currently in the NICU. On Sunday, three days after the incident, he underwent surgery. According to the infant's family, the two canines involved were pit bulls Semaj's aunt stated, "Every day is a fight for him" "He is still critical in the NICU."

A police spokesperson in Washington, DC, confirmed that a woman unrelated to Semaj was also seriously injured in the incident. According to family members, the injured woman was the daughter of the owner of pit bulls. It is not known what triggered the incident or what happened to the dogs. Police are now investigating to determine if the owners should be charged.

Semaj's aunt expressed her concern and stated, "This is just unbelievable," the aunt said. "Something that we would've never thought would have happened to us. It is hard and it is stressful, it is sad. We really just need some prayers and some support for my nephew. He is really fighting for his life," reports Fox 5.

Semaj's family has set up a GoFundMe page to seek funds for the child's medical bills. "He is in intensive care with a very, very long road to recovery, the family adds.  "We are extremely overwhelmed and have never dealt with a situation to this magnitude before."

Aside from Semaj's physical recuperation, his family is concerned about his mental health, "His life has not even started and it's already been traumatized," his aunt lamented.