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'Pirates of the Caribbean' reboot to cast female lead instead of Johnny Depp, fans call it 'an act of terror'

According to reports, Karen Gillan is the first choice to take over the role and fans have expressed their disappointment with the news on social media
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Johnny Depp is known for his brilliant acting skills and phenomenal way of portraying a character. One of his most renowned roles is of Captain Jack Sparrow from 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'. When Depp first got the role, people had no doubts in their mind that he was the perfect choice for the film series. 

While he managed to put his name on the brand, it seems like his personal life has slowly started affecting his professional life. Depp currently remains locked in an intense legal battle with his ex, Amber Heard, over her domestic abuse allegations, and a number of pieces of evidence have made the case a tug of war situation. 

Their situation has everyone convinced that this court case will take a lot more time to get dissolved but it seems like Depp is already paying a price for it. As per recent reports, Disney has decided to change its lead for the upcoming reboot of 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. 

It seems like a female lead will be taking Depp's place in the upcoming movie. According to The Disinsider, Karen Gillan is their first choice to take over the role. Gillan has shown off her impressive acting skills when she starred in 'Avengers: Endgame' and 'Jumanji: The Next Level' and it looks like Disney is convinced that she can bring the same energy to this movie. 

While there are no concrete details of whether she had a conversation about this role, the report suggests that she is one of the top choices for the role. Moreover, the report also alleges that the lead could be a woman of color. Looking at how the Hollywood industry is trying to have more female leads while putting a spotlight on talented women of color, this move does not come as a surprise. 

Even though it might be a big change in terms of how the movie was originally planned, it appears that Disney is convinced this is a good move. However, we cannot say the same for the fans. Ever since the news about Depp not being cast for the movie came to light, fans have expressed their disappointment on social media. 

"Disney plans to release a Pirates Of The Caribbean without Johnny Depp is, as far as I’m concerned, an act of terror," read one comment. Another wrote, "Firing Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean is the equivalent to Barcelona selling Messi."

Even though there are many fans of Gillan, people admitted that the movie would not be the same without Depp in it as one comment read, "I'm a big fan of Karen Gillan...... But pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp should not be a thing, they also don't need to reboot, just when we're about to get the return of Davy Jones."

Another echoed similar thoughts and wrote, "Apparently they consider Karen Gilian for the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot, but like pls bring back Johnny Depp." Meanwhile, some decided to not watch the movie at all as it read, "PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN - REBOOT = Y to the E to the SSSS without JOHNNY DEPP = HELL NOOOO."

Another wrote, "Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp?? Pirates of the Caribbean IS Johnny Depp. Without him? No, thank you, sir."