Pink smoked so much weed during first music video that she 'couldn't open her eyes' and kept falling off motorbike

Pink smoked so much weed during first music video that she 'couldn't open her eyes' and kept falling off motorbike
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Alecia Beth Moore, aka Pink, recounted the experience of the shooting of her first-ever music video and it was something totally unexpected.

Her first single 'There You Go' hit the world in 2000 and the singer was seen riding a motorcycle in the music video, according to Fox News. The singer told Billboard that she was 19 when the video was shot. "My first video. I think this is the prettiest I've ever looked and will ever look. I'd just started riding motorcycles. I almost crashed 85 times," the 40-year old said. 

If that wasn't all, she also opened up about her drug use at the time. "I smoked a lot of weed, too, and [director] Dave Meyers kept coming up to me and saying, 'Can you wait to smoke that next blunt before the beauty shot?'" she continued. "I was like, 'What do you mean?' He was like, 'I really want you to be able to open your eyes.' I was like, 'My eyes are open.'"

The 'Walk Me Home' star also shed light on her awe-inspiring acrobatic 2010 Grammy performance where she performed 'Glitter in the Air'.  "I can't believe they let me do that. They let me do a song that wasn't a single, that no one ever heard before," she explained. "They let me fly 100 feet in the air, with no harness, with water. It was so much fun."

While she is now known for her electrifying stunts, she said the first time made her a tad nervous. 

"I remember being so nervous to walk in this white gown. I couldn't walk in a straight line. I'm pretty sure in the first verse I almost fell over twice," she continued. "That was awesome. And LL Cool J looked at my butt. But so did Rihanna. It was a good butt."

She also spoke about performing the national anthem while down with the flu. "I wanted to die that day. I still can't believe sound came out of my mouth when I opened it. I had the flu," she recalls. "I had planned this Super Bowl experience for my whole family, 'cause the Eagles were playing and we're from Philly. By the time my whole family came, I was laying on the couch dying with the actual flu. And I couldn't believe it."


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