Pink shuts down troll who said she’s ‘so old,’ her name should be ‘Purple’

Pink shuts down troll who said she’s ‘so old,’ her name should be ‘Purple’
Pink (Source: Getty Images)

Pink has always been a force to be reckoned with, and she leaves no chance when she has to show off her capabilities. Recently, the singer answered back to an Internet troll in the most epic way when he insulted her appearance and said that she looks old.

The entire drama started when radio station KIIS FM went on to tweet a video footage of Pink reacting to a 12-year-old fan singing at her concert.

However, one Twitter user did not pay heed to Pink's adorable reaction in the video but, decided that throwing shade would be the best way forward.

"Wow, Pink looks so old that [she] should be named Purple instead," they wrote. Not the one to sit back and watch, the 38-year-old singer fired back with her own response to the malicious tweet.

"You must be from LA. Well, there are a few people left in the world that choose to age naturally," Pink tweeted. "I've earned every f**king minute of my 38 years. How you lookin', though? Cause I never heard of ya 'til you put my name in your mouth."

Just when people thought it was going to be Pink's epic mic drop moment, she went on to give a nickname to her critic, saying, "I shall call you little purple troll."

In a separate tweet, the "Beautiful Trauma" hitmaker explained herself and the reason why she felt important to answer the troll.

"I am of the mindset that it’s a blessing to grow old," she explained. "That if your face has lines around your eyes and mouth it means you’ve laughed a lot. I pray I look older in 10 years, cause that will mean I’m alive."

This is not the first instance that the singer has been trolled on social media. Back in 2015, when the mother-of-two was returning from the John Wayne 30th Annual Odyssey Ball in Beverly Hills, she was trolled for her size.

At the time, Pink responded by saying, "While I admit that that dress didn't photograph as well as it did in my kitchen, I will also admit that I felt very pretty." She added, "I am perfectly fine, perfectly happy, and my healthy, voluptuous and crazy strong body is having some much deserved time off."

The fiesty superstar had also spoken previously about how she tends to deal with most of her online trolls, and how she handles bullies.

"I don't take well to bullying. I never have," she admitted. "I'm not a person that will be bullied. I'm not a person that will stand by watching other people bullied." Pink added, "I am a girl, I have feelings and people think I take no sh*t and I'm tough, tougher than nails, but I'm a human being."

Pink has always been extremely passionate about having her voice heard, and she has been doing the same for quite a long time now. last year, the songstress was awarded with  MTV’s Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, where she gave an acceptance speech that was immensely inspiring.

In her speech, the singer talked about the time her daughter had started calling herself “the ugliest girl in school”, and the message that she shared with her daughter upon finding out. "We don't change. We take gravel in a shell and we make a pearl, and we help other people to change," Pink recited. "You, my darling girl, are beautiful and I love you."

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