Piers Morgan slams 'ungrateful Americans' for booing Donald Trump the same day he helped kill Baghdadi

'GMB' host Piers Morgan criticized American nationals for being unsupportive and booing Trump on the same day he successfully ordered Abu bakr al-Baghdadi's death.

                            Piers Morgan slams 'ungrateful Americans' for booing Donald Trump the same day he helped kill Baghdadi
Piers Morgan (Getty Images)

POTUS Donald Trump confirmed on Sunday that the Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in a US military operation that took place in Syria. 

On the same day that Trump announced the death of Baghdadi, he attended a World Series game where he was booed and cursed at by the crowd with chants of 'lock him up'. 'Good Morning Britain' host Piers Morgan slammed baseball fans at teh venue for their behavior towards Trump on a day he believes should have been widely celebrated. 

Donald Trump was booed and cursed at when he attended a World Series Game on Sunday (Getty Images)


Taking to his DailyMail column, Morgan wrote that when Osama Bin Laden was killed, America unified to celebrate the victory. "Yesterday was another of those days. In fact, some argue it was an even greater day. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was the founder and leader of ISIS, a terrorist group that makes even Al Qaeda look like choirboys". 

He shared how he was shocked at seeing "thousands of Americans gleefully jeering and mocking President Trump, the man who had just successfully ordered Baghdadi’s death". Morgan confessed that though there are several 'legitimate reasons' not to like him "BUT, and I think it’s a big ‘BUT’, last night was not the time to do it." 

"For five years, after declaring Islamic State as a worldwide caliphate, Baghdadi presided over one of the most brutal, evil periods of unconscionable terrorist activity in modern history," he continued. He went on to give examples of some of the heinous crimes committed by the terror group including how they would "burn victims alive in cages or slowly drown them. They threw gay people off rooftops and beheaded others on videos they then broadcast online."

After citing the gruesome examples of the group's terrorist attacks, he added that Baghdadi was "the boss, the driving force, the brains behind the barbarism. So yesterday was a truly great day for America and the world". "So regardless of your view of Trump, and I’ve been as critical of him in recent weeks as anyone, this was a moment to praise him for taking the bold, courageous decision to order a dangerous mission that successfully took out the leader of ISIS," he went on to add.