Piers Morgan shreds climate protester 'Mr. Broccoli' on live TV for suggesting plant-based diet would 'save the planet'

Mr. Broccoli made an appearance on TV in a broccoli attire to speak about the Extinction Rebellion. The hosts were far from impressed.

                            Piers Morgan shreds climate protester 'Mr. Broccoli' on live TV for suggesting plant-based diet would 'save the planet'
Piers Morgan (Getty Images)

Media personality Piers Morgan has criticized Mr. Broccoli who has become an internet sensation following his arrest this past week during the London demonstrations of the Extinction Rebellion after the latter appeared as a guest on 'Good Morning Britain.'

Mr. Broccoli, a member of the Animal Rebellion, a vegan branch of the Extinction Rebellion movement that has crippled the functioning of cities around the world with their 'Autumn Uprising' movement, became viral after a video of him being apprehended by three Met police officers in London on October 14 began circulating online. 

In the video, which has been viewed millions of times already, he was seen carrying a sign which read, "I'm locally-sourced and environmentally-friendly", and was heard shouting, "Give peas a chance!" 

He was arrested under the Public Order Act but was later released without charge, and while his antics and vegetable puns had social media in stitches, Morgan and his 'Good Morning Britain' co-host Susanna Reid were less than impressed.

During the bizarre six-minute interview, he confirmed he identified himself as 'Mr. Broccoli', while repeatedly referring to Morgan as 'Peas,' much to the hosts' annoyance. When asked if he had a job, he replies, "I am Mr. Broccoli Head. I'm just a humble broccoli. I've always been a piece of broccoli," and that "I just grow. I grow."

He says his aim is for the world to move towards a plant-based diet, though he failed to elaborate on why that would be beneficial for the environment by stating he was not a scientist but that "a plant-based food system is great for the environment."

Asked what he wanted the government and big businesses to do about climate change, he responded, "We are in extremely hot water environmentally speaking. It's going to go pear-shaped."

At one point during the exchange, Mr. Broccoli interrupts the others and says he has to take a phone call before pulling out a banana from his pocket and answering it like a phone.

Morgan eventually lost his patience and slammed Mr. Broccoli for not knowing the facts. "Why should I listen to you?" he said. "You've brought London to a standstill for two weeks, we give you the chance to come on national television to present your case and you sit there dressed like a broccoli."

"Are you a plant? Because your argument dressed up as a broccoli strikes me as so absurd. That you're dressed up as a broccoli but you're trying to get a serious point across about veganism", Reid similarly fumed. "You're not going to win anyone over dressed as a broccoli."

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