Piers Morgan knew wife Celia was the one when she laughed at his 'discomfort' after he 'bombed' in front of 1,000 people

Piers Morgan knew wife Celia was the one when she laughed at his 'discomfort' after he 'bombed' in front of 1,000 people

Talk show host Piers Morgan has revealed he knew wife Celia Walden was the one after she laughed at his discomfort when he "bombed" while giving a speech in front of around 1,000 people.

In a conversation with Amanda Holden on Heart FM, the 54-year-old 'Good Morning' host Britain recalled how he met his other half for the first time, Daily Mail reports.

"I was doing a speech in front of 1000 people – magazine editors – in some fancy hotel in Mayfair and I absolutely died on my backside to the extent that they were openly jeering me, and the only person that was laughing was Celia, who I’d never met, and I went 'who’s that?'" he remembered.

"She said 'that just bombed' and I said, 'I thought that was hilarious' but she was laughing really at my discomfort. So I realized then that she would be perfect bride material!"

TV Personality Piers Morgan (R) and Celia Walden arrive at the Vanity Fair Oscar party hosted by Graydon Carter held at Sunset Tower on February 27, 2011, in West Hollywood, California. (Getty Images)



Amanda then presented Piers with an electric shock pen, and asked him to choose between Lord Alan Sugar or Jeremy Clarkson; or be shocked by the pen.

"Oh my god. Talk about death by hanging or death by garrotting," Piers responded. "No, do I have to take either? Seriously, I’d rather take the pain than choose. I’d rather be electrocuted."

The TV presenter and his wife recently celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary at The Ivy's Chelsea Garden. Speaking on ITV's Lorraine, he revealed Celia had forgotten their anniversary every year since they married in 2010.

"She's forgotten it for nine consecutive years!" he marveled. "It's just like I'm not in her airspace at all! So I have a wife who just never remembers our anniversary. So I remembered I gave her a card."

Paris Hilton, Piers Morgan, and Celia Walden attend the 3rd annual Sean Penn & Friends HELP HAITI HOME Gala benefiting J/P HRO presented by Giorgio Armani at Montage Beverly Hills on January 11, 2014, in Beverly Hills, California. (Getty Images)



When Lorraine told him he actually had two wives - Celia and his TV wife Susanna Reid - Piers went ahead and cheekily propositioned the host herself. "Two wives is utopia. There is space for a little Scottish beauty!" he quipped.

Celia poked fun at her own forgetfulness on Tuesday as she took to Instagram, sharing a heartwarming throwback photograph from their wedding day.

"Nine years ago today - he just reminded me," she wrote alongside the post, adding the hashtags  "#happyanniversary #sorryiforgotagain."

The pair has a daughter Elise, 7, together and three sons from Piers' first marriage.


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