Piers Morgan slams Meghan Markle's book on dad-son bond as she ripped Harry from Charles: 'Gargantuan hypocrisy'

'Ms Markle has ruthlessly disowned her father Thomas and refuses to have anything to do with him despite the fact they now live just 70 miles from each other,' Morgan said

                            Piers Morgan slams Meghan Markle's book on dad-son bond as she ripped Harry from Charles: 'Gargantuan hypocrisy'
Piers Morgan also slammed Meghan Markle for using 'duchess' in the author title (Getty Images)

Former British broadcaster Piers Morgan unleashed his wrath on Meghan Markle in his latest newspaper column after learning that the Duchess of Sussex had written a book called 'The Bench' about the very special bond between a father and his child.

The former 'Good Morning Britain' host, who was forced to leave his old gig after his nasty on-air criticism of Meghan following her and Prince Harry's bombshell March interview with Oprah Winfrey, wasted no time in branding the mother-of-one a hypocrite after she wrote the book. "Notwithstanding Ms. Markle's seemingly unlimited thirst for committing attention-seeking acts of gargantuan hypocrisy, this seemed beyond parody," Morgan wrote for a Tuesday column in Daily Mail


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'Meghan has ruthlessly disowned her father'

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex wave from the Ascot Landau Carriage during their carriage procession on Castle Hill outside Windsor Castle in Windsor, on May 19, 2018 after their wedding ceremony. (Getty Images)

He went on to quote Meghan who of her creative endeavor captured "the warmth, joy and comfort of the relationship between fathers and sons from all walks of life." "This representation was particularly important to me ... and I worked closely to depict this special bond through an inclusive lens. My hope is that The Bench resonates with every family, no matter the make-up, as much as it does with mine," Meghan said. 

Morgan refused to take Meghan's words at face value. "I wonder how much these touching sentiments will resonate with her own family, or her husband's? Lest we forget, Ms Markle has ruthlessly disowned her father Thomas and refuses to have anything to do with him despite the fact they now live just 70 miles from each other. She is also reported to have disowned every other Markle, none of whom were invited to her wedding. This doesn't seem like someone overly keen to operate 'an inclusive lens' to me," he said. 

Meghan's 'lie-packed Oprah whine-a-thon'

Oprah Winfrey interviews Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on A CBS Primetime Special premiering on CBS on March 7, 2021 (Getty Images)

He also slammed her "lie-packed Oprah whine-a-thon" as "ice, rage and irritation" where she had some less-than-pleasant words for Thomas Markle, her father. Morgan also blamed Meghan for ripping her husband away from his royal roots. "As for Harry, he trashed his father Prince Charles in the same interview, moaning about how Daddy had stopped taking his calls or giving him cash, sounding like some needy spoiled brat teenager rather than a 36-year-old multi-millionaire doormat who ditched his family, country and duty because his chillingly controlling and ambitious wife wanted him to. And unforgivably, he did this as Charles was desperately worried about HIS father, Prince Philip, who was lying seriously ill in hospital and later died," she said. 

Morgan also took issue with the fact that Meghan was still using her royal title even after she and her husband insinuated that The Firm was a "bunch of heartless racists." "Yes, she continues to cynically exploit her royal titles because she knows that's the only reason anyone is paying her vast sums of money to spew her uniquely unctuous brand of pious hectoring gibberish in Netflix documentaries, Spotify podcasts or children's books," he said. 

'What Meghan wants, Meghan gets'

He concluded with: "'What Meghan wants, Meghan gets,' was Harry's famous refrain in the build-up to their wedding. And so far, she's got exactly what she wanted: the handsome British Prince, the Californian mansion, the millionaire celebrity lifestyle she always craved, and since Oprah's unquestioning softball PR stunt, the coveted and ferociously-contested status of America's No1 oppressed victim – a poor innocent waif cruelly mistreated by the beastly racist British royals until she managed to grab her confiscated passport and escape back home."

Morgan was aware that his column was not going to go down with many of Meghan's supporters so he posed an open challenge to them on Twitter. "Memo to howling wokies already screaming that I must be fired immediately by @DailyMail for having an opinion about Princess Pinocchio's book that you don't like: Go for it - I'm sure my DM bosses will be very sympathetic to you!" he wrote.


And he was not wrong as many of the people started trolling him online following the publication of his column. "Anyone else noticed that the only thing keeping Piers Morgan relevant is his unhinged obsession with Meghan and his insatiable desire in whipping up hatred toward her? It’s beyond creepy now. Makes me really uncomfortable," one of them said while another wrote, "Piers Morgan vile attack against The Bench is dripping with his usual malicious obsession of everything Meghan Duchess of Sussex." A third noted, "What Meghan Markle should do next is write book titled. “The Day I Met Piers Morgan and he become obsessed with my life” - by The Duchess of Sussex."

One more commented, "Meghan Markle was educated at Northwestern University, an advocate for gender equality with the United Nations and is a global ambassador for world vision Canada. Piers Morgan never went to university, faked war photographs and was accused of hacking phones. It shows." The next said, "I’m not being funny... Meghan Markle needs a restraining order against piers Morgan... this is beyond me." Another quipped, "Meghan Markle watching Piers Morgan obsess over her all while being unbothered and living rent free in his head." A commenter tweeted, "Piers Morgan’s obsession with Meghan is just creepy and weird. He can’t stop talking about her.." A person reacted with, "Thanks to Piers Morgan with his free advertisement, Meghan's book sold out in 3 hours. I bet the illustration in the book is what really caused Piers Morgan's melt down."









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