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Piers Morgan worried about 'fully justified' George Floyd protests turning into 'looting, rioting and anarchy'

The 'Good Morning Britain' host said he has not seen such sights since the "reaction to the assassination of MLK in 1968"
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

‘Good Morning Britain’ host Piers Morgan has reacted to the country-wide protests happening in the US following the death of George Floyd. Floyd, a 46-year-old African-American, died on May 25 after a Minneapolis Police officer knelt on his neck for around eight minutes.

Calling the protests “fully justified”, Morgan said on Twitter: “Horrendous scenes all over America. Fully justified protests at the despicable police killing of George Floyd now devolving into widespread looting, chaos, rioting & anarchy.” He added, “There’s been nothing like this since the reaction to the assassination of MLK in 1968. Very worrying.”

The 55-year-old journalist became the latest well-known personality who has publicly spoken out about the Floyd tragedy and the subsequent protests. However, it seemed not many were happy with his speaking out as one wrote, “They are not protesting they are looting and killing! Why can’t you ever tell the truth?” while another commented: “Piers do you think these looters and protesters should be staying home to stop the spread of COVID or is that over now? Seems ridiculous how everyone just forgot about it all of a sudden.”

Another Twitter user said: “Where your headline tweets for the poor girl in Bolton who got killed on Mother's Day. The justice for the victims and the breaking down of grooming sex gangs. Unless it's to with #COVID__19 or @Conservatives and the abysmal job YOU BELIEVE they are doing. You're not interested,” while the fourth one added, “Given your rhetoric of the last several months, I am surprised you aren't admonishing the protesters over breaking social distancing rules. Just saying . . .”

Meanwhile, CNN anchor Don Lemon has called out Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres among other Hollywood A-listers for “doing nothing” amid protests against Floyd’s death. During a conversation with Rev. William Barber, Lemon said Saturday night, May 30, “What about Hollywood? Strangely quiet. I see them on Twitter saying, ‘Oh, I’m loving what Don’s doing’ … but they got to do more than that. Especially Black celebrities and Black leaders — and white celebrities.”

“Why aren’t they helping these young people? These young people are out there standing on the platform … the edge of the abyss by themselves. Yes, I’m calling you out. You can be mad at me all you want. You’re sitting there and you’re watching TV and you’re bitching about it and you’re saying, ‘oh my god, I can’t believe this is happening. What’s going on?'” he added.

The 54-year-old got more personal when he named a few of his celebrity friends. “By me calling out your name, it doesn’t mean I’m calling you out. It means I love you, Ellen [DeGeneres]. It means I love you, Oprah,” Lemon said, adding: “And I know they give millions of dollars to charity every year.” He also clarified he called them out as he stated America needs their “visibility in helping to speak out for these young kids. And you may be doing something that I don’t know about, and if you are then I apologize.”

The Louisiana-native then went on to add a few more names from Hollywood in his Saturday speech as he said, “I want to see you, Tracee Ellis Ross. I want to see you, Tyler Perry. I want to see you, Drake. I want to see you my friend, Anthony Anderson. I love you … I want to see you, Diddy. I want to see you Jane Fonda, who I love and respect.”