'Duck Sauce Killer' Glenn Hirsch got into altercation with NYC delivery man MONTHS before allegedly shooting him dead

'Duck Sauce Killer' Glenn Hirsch got into altercation with NYC delivery man MONTHS before allegedly shooting him dead
Glenn Hirsch, aka 'duck sauce killer', (L) was accused of killing food delivery man Zhiwen Yen, who left behind a wife and three children (Fox 5 News and CBS New York/YouTube)

QUEENS, NEW YORK CITY: A new development in “Duck sauce Killer” Glenn Hirsch’s case, who shot Great Wall restaurant delivery man Zhiwen Yan on April 30 and committed suicide hours before his Supreme Court hearing on August 5, shows him having a physical dispute with Yan just months before allegedly shooting him to death. 

New photos, obtained by NY Post, show Yan and Hirsch fighting where Hirsch also tried to damage the car belonged to the restaurant owner Ken Yang on December 16, last year. Narrating the incident, the owner recalled, "He said, ‘I have a gun, I have a gun. I’ll remember you.’ He said that,” before adding, “he slash[ed] my tire and the delivery guy saw him. He ran away and we all together go outside to catch him because [his face] was covered, so we take a picture. He wanted to go inside his car.” As per police report filed with the 112th Precinct, Yang reported that dispute before 10 pm while Hirsch was spotted “scratching [the] driver’s side of [the] vehicle with a knife,” and later left in his Lexus after the restaurant's employees confronted him.


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The case of 'Duck Sauce Killer'

In November 2021, upon ordering food from an NYC Chinese restaurant, Hirsch complained about the less quantity of duck sauce that came with food, which got followed by the cold-blooded murder of Yan, father of three kids and a native of Fuzhou in southeastern China. Hirsch was arrested and was charged with murder and weapons possession on June 1, and was bailed out by his brother on June 8, which resulted in panic in the Forest Hills community. The owner, at that time, said, "I am extremely disappointed that the court allowed the defendant to be bailed. Everyone who works in Great Wall restaurant is living in fear now, and also the families of Zhiwen Yan, who couldn’t believe the suspect will be back to our community again. Even though the suspect will not be as free as before, we still [have] concern that there might be some kind of revenge happened [sic].”

However, Queens Supreme Court Justice Kenneth Holder warned Glenn to follow strict guidelines for his release, who was being monitored by an ankle bracelet. “Anywhere you go that is outside your apartment is going to be restricted in terms of the time that you leave, the time that you remain out and the time that you return,” Holder told Hirsch, as previously reported.

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