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Johnny Depp looked 'pathetic' with ice cream spilled on pants in 'passed out' pic secretly taken by Amber Heard

The photo that was presented in court showed the actor with his head leaning back on the couch, cross-legged with his mouth wide open
UPDATED JUL 14, 2020
A photo of Johnny Depp covered in ice cream and passed out in August 2014 was shown in court
A photo of Johnny Depp covered in ice cream and passed out in August 2014 was shown in court

An "embarrassing" photo of a "passed out" Johnny Depp with ice cream spilled on his pants was shown in London's High Court on Monday, July 13, during the libel trial against the News Group Newspapers, publishers of the Sun, and executive editor Dan Wootton over a 2018 article which referred to him as a 'wife-beater.'

The photo which was taken by his ex-wife, Amber Heard, showed the 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' star "passed out on the couch, cross-legged, with his head leaning back and mouth wide open." A melting coffee-colored ice cream spilled down from a glass jar into his jeans and rolled down to the floor, where the liquid formed a small pool. 

During his fifth and final day giving evidence in the case, the actor said that the picture was secretly clicked by Heard at a time when he was working 17-hour days and was ''very tired, falling asleep." He also conceded that it was clicked while he was on his flight back from Boston and shortly before he had agreed to go to his private island in the Bahamas to detox from addiction related to prescription medicine. 

“I was preparing to go to the Bahamas to detox from the opiates and I had been working 17 hours a day prior to that," he said. "She asked me to hold her tub of ice cream. I have my right hand in my pocket and I’m holding the ice cream in the other. I was obviously on the nod and very tired, falling asleep, and the ice cream then spilled all over my leg. Then she took that… and showed me the next day and said, ‘Look at what you’ve become… look at you, it’s pathetic.'"

Depp was then asked by NGN's lawyer if the 'Aquaman' actress showed photos “of injuries” that she claims she sustained in his alleged attacks. The actor replied, "No, sir" adding he never saw any before the court case started.

Actors Amber Heard (L) and Johnny Depp attend The Art of Elysium 2016 HEAVEN Gala presented by Vivienne Westwood & Andreas Kronthaler at 3LABS on January 9, 2016 in Culver City, California. (Getty Images)

During the opening session of the trial, Depp said that when he was married to Heard, they had consulted with a marriage counselor who confirmed to him that Heard had a "borderline, toxic narcissistic personality disorder and is a sociopath." He said: ''She is a calculating, diagnosed borderline personality; she is sociopathic; she is a narcissist, and she is completely emotionally dishonest. I am now convinced that she came into my life to take from me anything worth taking, and then destroy what remained of it."

He also said that Heard had pretended to be a different person just to get him to marry her. "She was beautiful, seemingly incredibly interested in me and my work, and I fell for it. She bombed me with what appeared to be love," he said, as reported by Daily Mail. "It was not until much later that I understood that she had an agenda, namely to get married to me in order to progress her own career and/or to benefit financially, and she knew how to bring it about. For example, at the time, she repeatedly told me how much she admired my films; however, later in our relationship she admitted that she had never seen any of my films. She knew what she wanted and I was an easy target." 

He also cited his Southern upbringing and stressed on the fact that he considered chivalry "very important". As a result, he could not even think of physically hurting another woman. "It is a strong and central part of my moral code that I would never strike a woman, under any circumstances, at any time. I find it simply inconceivable and it would never happen," he said.