Photo of exhausted firefighters taking a break after working 24-hour shifts captures hearts

The photo was first shared by the Kern County Fire Department last year, but has re-emerged to highlight the hard work of the firefighters battling the California wildfires

                            Photo of exhausted firefighters taking a break after working 24-hour shifts captures hearts

The fires raging across Southern California have proven to be the deadliest on record, with firefighters across the state working tirelessly to put out the flames. Celebrities across social media, many of whom have lost homes in the fires themselves, are now sharing a photo to show their appreciation for those toiling around the clock to keep the Woolsey and Hill fires at bay.

The poignant photo, which was originally shared by the Kern County Fire Department on their Instagram page last year in light of the Thomas fire, depicts members of the Tehachapi Wildland Fire Crew 11 taking a quick break amidst fighting the fires.

Each member of the crew can be seen sleeping on the grass with their equipment strewn all around them as they attempted to recharge their batteries after an exhausting 24-hour shift.

The recent Woolsey and Hill fires that are tearing through and destroying billions of dollars worth of property across Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and Newbury Park has seen the viral image reemerge, and people are making sure that they express their gratitude to these brave men and women.

Comedian Kevin Hart was one of several celebrities to have shared the image on his Instagram page, which boasts close to 65 million followers. "I just want to take the time to say thank you to all of the firefighters that have been putting their lives on the line to stop the Woolsey men & women are true heroes & me and my family thank you," he wrote," adding, "My heart & prayers go out to all families in the affected areas....This is honestly Unbelievable what we are witnessing at this very moment. God have mercy on us all."

Val Chmerkovskiy, a two-time winner of 'Dancing with the Stars,' also shared the image, starting off poignantly with "An image is worth a thousand words." He went on to express his thanks, writing, "As our beautiful state burns there are the ones that are fleeing and those that are going towards the fire, literally. These brave men and women, are truly heroes."

"The courage, the compassion, and the sense of responsibility that these guys have is absolutely jaw-dropping. This image is just a small glimpse of the reality of sacrifice that has to be made by regular people in a position of extraordinary proportion. This is what heroes are made of," he continued and asked followers for suggestions on how these firefighters can be assisted.

People reported that, as of this week, the Woolsey Fire had consumed 91,572 acres and was still only 20% contained. The Hill Fire, on the other hand, had burned through 10,000 acres in the Newbury Park area. So far, 42 people have lost their lives to the fire.