It's not Peter Weinberg! Was wrong man blamed for assaulting young girl over George Floyd flyers? Search goes on

In a video clip, the man was seen snatching the flyer from a girl's hand and hurling abuses at a group

                            It's not Peter Weinberg! Was wrong man blamed for assaulting young girl over George Floyd flyers? Search goes on
(ABC News)

In the wake of George Floyd's death, people throughout the country are doing their bit to protest against systemic racism. Amid all this, a viral video has surfaced where a cyclist was caught assaulting and cursing activists who were posting flyers on the Capital Crescent Trail. 

The Maryland-National Capital Park Police tweeted: "We are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the below individual in reference to an assault that took place this morning on the Capital Crescent Trail. Please contact Det. Lopez at 301-929-2774 with any information. Please reference case number 20001297." They then added to the thread: "Correction, the incident occurred yesterday morning, 6/1/2020."

According to ABC News, the man accosted the group which included a young girl in the Capital Crescent Trail in Montgomery County on June 1. In the clip, the man can be seen snatching the flyer from her hand and hurling abuses while the others were heard saying, "Hey, leave her alone", and "Get off of her". According to the police, the flyers read, "Killer Cops Will Not Go Free." The suspect can be seen in an orange bike helmet, grey shirt and black shorts and for a long time people on the internet thought the man was "Peter Weinberg".

"Looks like certain Peter Weinberg is about to become very famous for reasons he did not anticipate when he rode his bike that day. #BicycleBiff," one Twitter user wrote and another said, "Apparently his name is Peter Weinberg of Bethesda, Maryland." One user posted a link to his social media accounts, saying, "This is the bike guy: Peter Weisberg. ProShares marketing. Hedge fund guy." Another wrote, "Unleash The Twitter! He’s a Cycling Enthusiast, Hedge Funder, who likes to ROUGH UP LITTLE GIRLS. Time to shame, here’s his name: Peter Weinberg! Ya think ProShares wants this?!"

While there is no concrete proof on the man's identity, the internet is outraged and cannot stop talking about it. "Peter Weinberg you racist piece of s**t. What did you think you were gonna accomplish?? I would’ve pepper-sprayed the S**T out of him," one said and another tweeted, "What a despicable ‘man’. Roughs up kids because he loves racism so much." One went on to say, "PETER WEINBERG ATTACKED A CHILD WHILE SHE WAS PUTTING UP BLACK LIVES MATTER POSTERS IN HER NEIGHBORHOOD. #peterweinberg."

Several Twitter users are denying that he is Weinberg. "Wait - is this him or not? PETER WEINBERG," one tweet read and another said, "Guys IT’S PROBABLY NOT HIM. Peter Weinberg posted to Strava on 6/2 in the evening, the police said this happened on 6/1 in the morning. Everyone needs to slow their roll before you tar and feather an innocent rando." One said, "The #Bethesda MD attacker is NOT Peter Weinberg. Please stop doxxing him." Another wrote, "For the record, I will say that if the wrong guy has been ID as #BicycleBiff, I will post a full retraction and apology." 

Meanwhile, Weinberg himself tweeted: "I recently learned I have been misidentified in connection with a deeply disturbing attack. Please know this was not me. I have been in touch with the authorities and will continue to help any way possible." One user was quick to say: "Sorry that you were misidentified! Thank you for continuing to help."

Anyone with information on the suspect is urged to call 301-929-2774.

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