'The Bachelorette': Peter Weber had the best hometown visit this season and fans just can't stop gushing over him

'The Bachelorette': Peter Weber had the best hometown visit this season and fans just can't stop gushing over him

'The Bachelorette' season 15 is finally coming to an end as viewers watched Hannah Brown head over to the hometowns of her remaining four suitors this week. While things go as expected throughout the episode, the rose ceremony will leave you shocked. 

But before we head there, you would need to grab yourself some tissues and a bucket of popcorn as Peter Weber's hometown date is the MVP of the episode and it will leave you falling in love with not just him, but his entire family. 

After watching the episode, fans have a lot to say about it and think Peter's hometown date is the best, not just because of him, but also because of how genuine they found his family to be and the love they showered on Brown. 

Fans reveal they think Peter's family is the purest. (ABC/John Fleenor)

Starting off her hometown dates, Brown first date was with Peter and he brought Brown over to his hometown Westlake Village, California, which is not that far off from the Bachelor Mansion. During a confessional interview, Brown disclosed that when she was a kid, she dreamed of being with someone like Peter as she played with her Barbie dolls. 


The couple started their date by going for a drive in his Mercedes Benz and while snooping around in the car dashboard, Brown finds a condom which resulted in an awkward yet funny glance shared between the two. 

That's not all, Peter took the hometown date one step ahead and took Brown flying in his propeller plane. They shared a cute kiss as he was flying, Peter took Brown over the Bachelor Mansion and over his house as well. 

After landing, Brown met his mom, dad, and younger brother and sat down with the family to have dinner. We got to know during the dinner that Peter is part Cuban too. They said a German prayer and dug into their food. 

While all this was fun to watch, you might need your box of tissues for the rest. Peter got up to make a toast to his journey with Brown and how glad he was that she got to meet his family. He choked up when he mentioned his grandparents and how much they would have loved her if they were there. 


After dinner, while Brown was talking to Peter's dad Jack Weber, Peter confessed to his mom that he is falling in love with Brown. Talking to his mother, Brown reassured her that she can see herself with Peter in the end and his mother got emotional revealing that she always wanted a daughter. 

Peter later confessed his feelings to his dad who broke down saying he wants the best for his son. Their entire hometown date in California was an emotional one filled with fun and love. 

Once their hometown date was done fans took to Twitter and revealed how they feel like Peter's family is the purest and how it made them emotional as well. 

"As someone who has lost my grandparents on either side, Peter saying that his grandparents would have loved Hannah made me (crying emoji)  #TheBachelorette . If you can’t say what he said about the person you are dating then perhaps they aren’t the one," said a fan on Twitter. 

"Peter’s date and family actually brought tears!!!! what a great family!!!! Love them #TheBachelorette," wrote another fan. 


Adding to that another fan said, "Peter’s mom saying “I’m really in need of a daughter” to Hannah while tearing up really hit me in the feels. Peter and his family are the PUREST people." 

"PETER'S FAMILY IS PERFECT. WHY IS HANNAH NOT FALLING HARDER FOR THIS MAN. #theBachelorette," wrote another fan. While another said. "Peter's parents got me in tears. it now make sense why Peter is so mature, sweet and so kind. He got 2 incredible parents! #theBachelorette" 

Some fans also revealed that they would be happy even if Brown doesn't end up with Peter because he would make a perfect bachelor. "Half of me wants Hannah to end up with Peter and the other half of me wants her to send him home so he can be #TheBachelor and find someone who is intellectually on the same level as him ." 

"Tyler C I’m really happy for you and imma let you finish but PETER HAD THE BEST HOMETOWN OF ALL TIME," wrote another fan. 

At the end of the hometowns, Brown couldn't decide who to send home, the tie was between Luke Parker and Jed Wyatt. But in the end, she chose to take all four suitors to the Fantasy Suites, which is the first in history. 


'The Bachelorette' season 15 airs every Monday on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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