BEST OF FRENEMIES: Internet trolls Peter Doocy as he calls Jen Psaki's WH exit 'end of an era'

BEST OF FRENEMIES: Internet trolls Peter Doocy as he calls Jen Psaki's WH exit 'end of an era'
Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy posted a selfie with White House's outgoing press secretary Jen Psaki on her last day in office (Photo by @pdoocy/Twitter & Fox News/YouTube)

Jen Psaki’s last day at the press secretary's lectern was May 13, Friday. Fox News' White House correspondent Peter Doocy termed her departure from the White House as ‘the end of an era.’ He posted a photo of the two of them together on Twitter with the caption, “End of an era in the Brady briefing room! Good luck, @jrpsaki.” Doocy also complimented Psaki for making him a better reporter during an interview on ‘Fox & Friends’ ahead of her farewell briefing after the program showed a clip of the pair's encounters during White House press briefings.

Doocy explained, “It’s not just me asking questions. She would ask me questions right back. When I would go in there with something that was not part of the White House talking point for the day, she would ask me every single time ‘Who was saying that about us?’ or ‘Where are you getting that from?’” “And so I always had to have it ready right away, and I think that all that extra homework that I knew I had to do because, when I challenged her she would challenge me right back, probably has made me a better reporter. And so, I am grateful to her for that,” he added. 


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Doocy has been one of Psaki's most frequent sparring partners within the Washington press corps, grilling her and other administration officials on everything from the president's son's business ties to crime rates and immigration policy. With the memorable encounters, Doocy praised Psaki for consistently calling on Fox News journalists and claimed she was effective as a White House official. Doocy said, “A lot of the time when people will ask ‘Why don’t we hear from Joe Biden more?’ they’ll say, ‘Well, Jen Psaki’s at the podium.’ So there have been times that they have sent her out to give him cover, and she has done that very effectively if you are a White House official looking at this. And so that ends today, we hope.”





Many social media users added their thoughts and praised Doocy for setting aside their ideological differences and showing professionalism. One person wrote on Twitter, “For as much as they've gone toe to toe against one another, it's actually impressive and refreshing they could set aside differences for a moment for this. They don't need to be best buds forever but it's still nice to see for once.” “I’m sure you know this but you helped amplify her status and respect so much more. I’m glad to see this kind of professional respect. Really. Maybe have a word with your fox peeps. I’m sure MSNBC would be happy to have you. Then you can start asking more useful questions,” another person added. One person joked: "She owned you every time. I'm glad you can be friends after but you should probably just consider that gracious of her and try to tone down the disingenuous questioning going forward yeah?"






Many also praised Psaki by saying, “That woman is the best Press Secretary this country has ever had. In a time when this nation desperately needed truth, she delivered. Master class. Best of luck Jen Psaki! Massive respect and thanks.” Someone wrote, “This is classy. Wish more journalists acted like this.” Although many are more interested to see Doocy’s heated exchange with the next White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre as one person remarked, “What took you so long to be a nice guy, Doocy? Can’t wait to see how you treat Karine Jean-Pierre and use those takes on Fox.” 





Meanwhile, according to Business Insider, Psaki also said she will miss the Fox News White House correspondent during a Christian Science Monitor breakfast on Thursday, May 12. When asked if she is going to miss Doocy, Psaki replied, "I will tell you, and people know this who are covering the White House every day, I think we have a very good, professional relationship. I understand that he's coming there to ask questions every day that are important to report in the outlet he works for, and I respect that." "We have healthy debates and discussions. Doesn't mean I agree with his line of questioning on most days. I've called on him every day he's been there," she added. Jean-Pierre, the White House's former principal deputy press secretary, will succeed Psaki when she leaves at the end of the week, according to the White House.

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